ScriptShadow; Top 100 Loglines

You may or may not be familiar with the site ScriptShadow.  It’s a very interesting site that is essentially a collection of reviews of screenplays.  It’s, if nothing else, an excellent crib sheet if you’re ever asked to do coverage.  And it’s also just plain old interesting.

In any event, Carson over there is holding a logline competition.  For giggles, I entered.  And, having almost totally forgotten I did, today I discovered that I’m in the top 100/~1000.  Also, people mentioned my script in the comments.  Double yay!


FIRST PLACE – A review on Scriptshadow, which will likely garner (but not guarantee) requests from agents, managers, and producers.

SECOND AND THIRD PLACE – Second and third place finishers will have their loglines posted on the site, as well as a contact e-mail, in addition to receiving coverage from me.

ScriptShadow; Top 100 Loglines