Useful Information: How To on Grovo

There are lots of sites out there with collections of how-to instructions and videos.  From the wild west of almost anything on YouTube, to the extremely professional and in-depth software guides on, it’s usually easy to find something to help you out, if you’re willing to spend the time searching.  Grovo is a new how-to video site that is unique in that it focuses exclusively on guides to online services, and doesn’t focus on software or OS.

They offer both a free and a premium service, and it is split primarily between what is useful to individuals (free) and what is useful to businesses (premium).  The premium service is $19 a month or $190 a year, though you can earn free premium months by submitting how-to videos that they approve.  The videos are broken down into very short chunks, just a couple minutes on one very specific subject. This is great because you can focus on what you want to learn and you don’t get bored by the time the video is over.

Another great feature that it offers is a quiz on different sites.  I took the WordPress one and actually learned that I didn’t know as much about WordPress as I thought.  So, I’d say that this site is useful for people who are already comfortable with the services they use, if only to learn features that they haven’t been taking advantage of.  I watched a few of both the premium and free videos, and I was impressed with the quality of the animation and voiceover that they used.  I would be surprised if any of them were user created.

Some of the sites it offers free videos for are FacebookTwitter, ChromeeBayMeetup and Craigslist.  The Premium guides include WordPress, ZillowGoogle AppsRetargeter and Amazon.

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Useful Information: How To on Grovo