Weird and unrelated to anything

On huffpo there’s a picture of a billboard in Tallahassee, FL of a plastic surgeon there who I may or may not have consulted when I was in my earlier quest for a breast reduction.

It gets better.  It gets oh so much better.  He has a book available on Amazon called “The Good, the Bad, and the Homily.”  And his cat has posted a review.  Seriously.  For real.  I think it’s just someone having a go really and not him, but it’s almost exactly what his wife said in her review a decade ago.  Real people are so weird.

This review is “biased” because I am the cat of the author. You will have to forgive me accordingly, but sitting on the lap of one of my slaves I have to say, fascinated as we all are with “plastic surgery” and human beings, this volume is a pleasant read. Its perspective, and I can guarantee it from having lived with the surgeon for 8 years, is altogether a different one from what is presented in slick magazines and talk- shows. With what I am going to call “happy good humor” my slave wanders all over the cosmos using his experience of the practice of plastic surgery (in a small, football town) as the focus of his slightly eccentric ruminations. But I am most proud that this book demonstrates that even in such a “glitzy”, thought-to-be-glamorous surgical specialty as his he demonstrates that care and respect for people and their needs are alive and well in the practice of medicine. The book is, I think, really fun; and even if you do not want to read it there are some pleasant pictures of this and that. I am very proud of him. I hope you will buy his book, since he is very eager that the publisher, whom he much respects, makes back what it cost to print!

Also, please admonish my slave to buy the Natural Balance Indoor Cat Formula instead of that cheap dry stuff he always gets, I’ve had diarrhea for the past two weeks from eating that awful stuff. If he needs a little encouragement, then please inform him that I will be defecating in hidden places throughout the house until I get what I want.

Weird and unrelated to anything