Help a trans student in South Carolina

As a member of the SSA at USC, I had the opportunity to meet and get to know Rukia Brooks, a trans student at USC who is a passionate member of the atheist and progressive movements.  Rukia was born with a different name, which she’d like to be able to change legally to reflect her identity.  She’d like her IDs and her diploma to accurately reflect her identity.  Unfortunately, it costs money.

  • Required fees for the actual name change:
    ● Filing fee $150.00

    ● Fingerprints $10.00

    ● SLED check $25.00

    ● DSS check $8.00

    ● Student ID $35.00

  • Any extra money will go towards any other necessary legal fees, new social security card, and/or eventual driver’s license.
  • We were hoping to get her a new birth certificate, but South Carolina does not reissue birth certificates to trans individuals. 🙁
  • Excess money will be donated to organizations of Rukia’s choosing (we have the Harriet Hancock Center here in Columbia, which is a wonderful place for the LGBT people, for example)

If you have even a couple dollars to help her out, feel free to go donate, and if you don’t, feel free to spread the word.

Help a trans student in South Carolina

7 thoughts on “Help a trans student in South Carolina

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    This is very good Ashley, thanks for helping her out with this =)

    I remember when I lived in SC like eight years ago, but I had a trad catholic family and we were in a cult on top of that. I had to wait until I got up to Massachussets before I even considered transitioning seriously, as, given where I was at in life, I basically had no support system at all to transition, and SC is actually one of the worse places to attempt to do so.

    It’s very good you are so supportive of her and helpful, also, she’s cute! :+)

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