The Admiral Has Arrived!

If you don’t remember the Carnival of Elitist Bastards, you missed out. It was a web carnival dedicated to getting things (proudly) right, and it inspired some gloriously bizarre behavior, like carnivals in short story form or as a Shakespearean play or as a lesson in proper arrogance. Also, pirates. Lots of pirates.

Well, today our wondrous admiral, Dana Hunter, who built and steered our strange vessel, has joined us at Freethought Blogs. And she’s brought with her fine self an amazing crew.

Al Stefanelli, A Voice of Reason in an Unreasonable World

The Atheist Experience

Ian Cromwell, The Crommunist Manifesto

JT Eberhard, What Would JT Do?

Justin Griffith, Rock Beyond Belief

Kylie Sturgess, Token Skeptic

All right, maybe they’re not Dana’s crew, but they’re ours–and now yours. Enjoy.


The Admiral Has Arrived!

2 thoughts on “The Admiral Has Arrived!

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    Oh, my dear. How I miss that ship! I’ve been thinking we should take her out of dry-dock: what say you all?

    Thank you for being my champion and my friend all these long years. Love, hugs, and decades more!

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