Oh, Is It Blasphemy Day?

Taking enmellishment’s advice:

  • I don’t pay a lot of attention to these events.
  • Nonetheless, if you think your belief is sooooo much awesomer than the thousands or millions of competing beliefs out there, let it stand up on its own without government protection.
  • Religion is a propped-up means of saying “STFU! I’m better than you!”
  • Rebecca Watson has been awesome in the way she handled “Elevatorgate” from beginning to, well, now at least. I doubt that will change by the time it ends.
  • It is highly amusing that the principles of radical feminism are still considered radical.
  • Anger, sarcasm, insults, and mockery can all be very powerful tools.
  • Power tools require skill and practice to use, because they can make a bloody mess.
  • A stereotype is not scientific evidence. There is no “extraordinary claim” requiring mountains of proof inherent in sneering at a stereotype.
  • IQ is in large part a measure of institutional competence.
  • Social sciences frequently require far more scientific competence than “hard” sciences because they tackle more complex subject matter.
  • Everyone (yes, even you) is irrational about, not just something, but far more than they’d ever stop to consider.
  • Government is a requirement for civilization on this scale.
  • Politics is a tool and not a tool of Satan.
  • The evidence says that Ron Paul is a hard-core racist who’s merely learned to shut up about it.
  • Marriage is not and never has been–not even in the 1950s–one man and one woman. Nor has it ever been forever. Marriage laws only dictate what marriage looks like from the outside for those in the middle class, and they’re not very good at that.
  • Porn can be pretty cool.
  • The answer to “No” is not “Pleeeeeze” or “La La La La La La” for anyone over the age of eight.
  • There is a cat in another room who is gearing up to die, though she may last quite some time. I’m pretty sure that’s more important than blogging right now.


Oh, Is It Blasphemy Day?
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6 thoughts on “Oh, Is It Blasphemy Day?

  1. 1

    There is a cat in another room who is gearing up to die, though she may last quite some time. I’m pretty sure that’s more important than blogging right now.

    Sad face… I hope he/she/it goes peacefully. Our last cat died unexpectedly, in my arms (first critter bigger than an insect I’d ever seen die up close) and it still chills me.

  2. 4

    Malice is not a young cat, and she’s had a lot of good years with us after showing up as a year-old stray who decided our doorway was the most appealing. We found out today that the bump under her chin that showed up rather suddenly isn’t an infected tooth but a tumor that is embedded in her jaw.

    We’ll do what we need to do to make sure she can eat until she no longer wants to or until she starts begging us to fix the pain, and she’ll get extra attention in the meantime. She’ll have a pretty good time of it, even if we’re stressed.

  3. 6

    Give Malice a petting from me. That’s a long time to be part of your life. Been there-done that with a cat with jaw cancer, and quality of life is the issue. Yours as well. Be gentle with yourself too.

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