How to fix Canada’s political system

First, you need to vote today.

Then, someone needs to implement the system that’s being kicked around in Britain: the Alternative Vote. This will eliminate the spoiler effect and keep people from having to vote strategically, as I myself have done in early voting.

How to fix Canada’s political system
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8 thoughts on “How to fix Canada’s political system

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    Well, Harper got his majority.

    Canada is fucked.

    Now sinned,
    It’s a gentle fucking. And besides, we were asking for it.

    I blame Ignatieff. If he wasn’t so fucking incompetent, we would probably be staring at a Liberal-NDP coalition government. Instead, we get a fucking secret theocracy.

    My riding went Conservative for only the second time in 100 years. WTF?

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    George W.: Now sinned,
    It’s a gentle fucking.And besides, we were asking for it.

    I blame Ignatieff.If he wasn’t so fucking incompetent, we would probably be staring at a Liberal-NDP coalition government.Instead, we get a fucking secret theocracy.

    My riding went Conservative for only the second time in 100 years.WTF?

    A gentle fucking? Think captain of the high school football team taking your virginity kind of fucking.

    The Reform Party has been dreaming of this day for over twenty years now, and they’re going to punish us for making them wait so long.

    The first thing that’s going to happen is they’ll abolish public per-vote funding for political parties, in order to pull the carpet out from under the opposition parties. Then they’ll start chipping away at public health, environmental policies, public broadcasting, and a whole host of social services.

    Deregulation and privatization of government entities will make Harper’s biggest donors richer, while raising costs for the rest of us. They’ll drop the GST further, but increase taxes elsewhere (probably income taxes) so they can claim that they’re the only party looking to get rid of the hated GST, because they know the “liberal-biased media” won’t call them on it.

    The Cons will try to bring back the death penalty, but they’ll only use it to punish “hippies” caught in possession of marijuana.

    If the United States starts another war, expect us to be on the front lines. Oh, and forget about getting out of Afghanistan. Now that Osama’s dead, cleaning up there will be a cinch, you betcha!

    I’m going to try to watch these next four years with amusement, and I’ll wager we’ll have lots and lots of blogging fodder as the wingnuts start running wild.

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    I normally don’t put up with obvious spam, but the book’s premise is amusing, so why not.

    61.4% voter turnout. 9,251,160 registered voters couldn’t be bothered to prevent this travesty. 39.4% of the popular vote won 54.2% of the seats. Every Con win must have been a tight one, and every loss a landslide.

    Sinned and George, I’m inconsolable. No amount of lube is going to prevent the ass chafing we’re going to get.

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    I should have realized what was going to happen in the election when I was forced to vote in the gymnasium of my local evangelical megachurch. They didn’t even bother to take down the large banners declaring “Jesus is Lord” with huge crosses on them from the gym walls. Talk about a great way to get out the evangelical vote – they barely had to leave the sanctuary to cast their ballots!

    On a slightly related note, over the last six months I’ve brewed a lot of beer, so much that my stores contain a volume of almost 200 litres of various styles. The entire time, I didn’t really know why I was making so much more ale than I actually consume, but I just couldn’t stop brewing. Every time I kegged a batch, I’d immediately fill the primary and start a new one. Turns out my subconscious must have realized that I was going to require a lot of alcohol to get through this spring and summer.

    This weekend, I’m tapping a keg of English Bitters and refusing to leave the safety of my deck. Except maybe to play some street hockey.

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    First, let me concede that I was wrong. Had I have known that the Cons would win my riding by 14 votes, I would have gladly voted Liberal.
    I live in the riding with the closest race of this election, and I was sure we were looking at an easy Liberal seat. My bad.
    Also, before Jason posts Liz May’s victory speech to rub salt in my wound, yes, so did in fact make a ridiculous religious analogy in her speech.
    I’m sure I’ll get ribbed for it for the next four years.

    When I called it a gentle fucking, I was referring to it being done with Harper’s Million Dollar smirk. I too, am not going to enjoy what is bound to happen during this term.
    I still think the Liberals made their own bed. The rules of modern politics still hold true; people are driven by a cult of personality. Ignatieff is no politician, and they got punished for presenting a Harvard educated arrogant snooty name-dropper as a viable figure head for their party.

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