Awesome cover of Toxicity

A coworker sent me this. I had no idea electric violins even existed before now, but I need to find more.


Awesome cover of Toxicity
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4 thoughts on “Awesome cover of Toxicity

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    Interesting cover. I must admit that I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to System of a Down, but these ladies do a good job with the music.

    I’ve enjoyed violins that are electrically enhanced for quite some time. I still have the LP “3” by McKendree Spring from 1972 (I was 7 then — I got it from my brother). Check out the McKendree Spring web site for some audio. Several tracks are listed there from the LP “Three”. One in particular, “God Bless the Conspiracy” is one of my favorites from back then. Their newer stuff is great too.

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    Oh yeah; Boiled in Lead are awesome! “Rasputin” is still one of my favorite tracks. They’re a rather “eclectic” group. Somehow that suits me well.

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