Brain asplode

I went home early today with a migraine, been napping or medicating myself all day in between dealing with my regular workload from home, so I didn’t deal with the microwave like I was going to. We’re now relying on the 15-year-old small microwave I’d been using since university presently (making it roughly 90 times longer lived than your average Magic Chef offering!).

So I’ve been feeling pretty blah today, but there was one definite high point. We got the gigantic tax return we’ve been expecting, half will go toward Jodi’s student loan, and the other half toward a major upgrade of our living room. That’s right, I’m finally buying a new TV for the second time in my life (every other one was a hand-me-down save for a 21-inch CRT I bought about seven years ago), and building the wall unit we’ve been talking about for forever now. That of course means we’ll have to get power tools. And wood. Lots of wood. Playing around with some Linux CAD programs now, to see if I can’t make a decent plan before diving into this thing headlong. Adding “talk about cool Linux programs” to my list of blog posts that I need to get around to writing someday. Good thing WordPress can create drafts of posts.

Oh. And hi Sara. Blog stalkers = readers!

Brain asplode

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