Happy birthday Jodi!

Jodi turns 23 today. She won’t be around to see this until after work (her first day of work at the vineyard, in fact), so I want anyone who’s a regular reader to wish her a happy birthday. Do a guy a favour, huh? If not for me, then for her!

I wanted to buy her an iPod Touch, but they’re too bleeding expensive. Plan B was a Sony Erikson with pay-as-you-go for the phone service, but it was also pretty expensive, despite being significantly less so, and she wouldn’t get any cell phone reception at the vineyard anyway. Sadly, due to having done our inspection and taxes, we’re pretty broke this month. So, instead, I special-ordered us two Galileoscopes so we can go stargazing (this IS the International Year of Astronomy, after all). Sciencey, less expensive, and I get bonus points in the romance department.

If you’re close enough to want to buy her gifts, she’s asking for Home Depot gift cards. But don’t feel obligated, a heartfelt happy birthday here I’m sure would be greatly appreciated.

Happy birthday Jodi!
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5 thoughts on “Happy birthday Jodi!

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    @ Jodi: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! (for the record, I posted before Thibeault, but only because he alerted me to the date yesterday…)

    @Thibeault, I wanted to get you a very modern mp3 player, but I resorted to a 300 year old telescope instead, and oh yeah, i got one for me too, isn’t that sweet?  C’mon dude…

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    I guarantee you, if it was an actual 300 year old telescope, she’d be all over it.  As it stands, the idea for the alternate gift is something we discussed a few weeks ago when she first found out about the thing, so it’s not unprecedented.

    Also, we tried stargazing together once, both of us using the same telescope (an old one with false-color issues like shown on the Galileoscope website), and it was far too fiddly, difficult to make anything out, and overall not exactly a great experience.  I’m hoping both of us having our own telescopes would allow for things like packing a blanket and a picnic basket, bringing our telescopes and camera tripods, and taking off to a field somewhere far removed from the city.  Tell me that’s not romantic.

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    I used to convice my brother he wanted video games for his birthday and christmas. It worked in my favor quite frequently.

    Happy Birthday!

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    LOL you guys! 😛
    Thanks for the wishes! And yes, Jason is right, if the telescope was really 300 years old I would be allllll over it! WANT!

    -and I already have an Mp3 player lol it’s just not a very nice one.

    Clifton – For Jason’s birthday I’ll likely get him this cool table saw thing he wants……. so he can build me bedroom furniture 😛 *edit oh yea, and a cage for my snake

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