Clifton is hitched. Pay your respects.

So Clifton got married today.  Jodi had been feeling under the weather for the past few days, so I attended the wedding alone.  The chapel had a chalk outline of a body in the parking lot, they forgot the marriage license, the preacher used the word “God” more than the word “the” (I was kind of hoping for a more secular wedding, but who am I to complain), Melissa seems to have had a lot of trouble moving around in her wedding dress, and the organist was tone deaf and incapable of playing anything but the chorus to “Love is Like a River” over and over again, and even that poorly, but all that hilarity aside, everything was beautiful.  Oh, except when Melissa cracked up laughing at the part of the vows regarding fidelity.  That probably doesn’t bear reading into, though.

Also, the $20 I had intended toward the wedding “registry” is still in my pocket, as I’m too cheap to get a card and wanted to surreptitiously slip it into Clifton’s hand or pocket or underwear or something (you know, where he wouldn’t notice it) at some point during the reception but I ended up curled up on the couch watching Heroes instead.  I had been planning to attend the reception, showing up fashionably late, later in the evening, but started to feel pretty under the weather myself — I’ve been feeling it coming on for a while, so it wasn’t entirely unexpected, and my immune system is probably shot from overworking myself lately.  Believe me when I say that it takes a lot to keep me from free food and cheap booze, so I sincerely apologize for flaking out on you bro.

I’ll be at the other centre on Tuesday so, as long as you’re not working or on your honeymoon or whatever, we’ll have to meet up so I can say hello, throw money at you, and laugh at your newfound ball-and-chain-ness.

Clifton is hitched. Pay your respects.
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4 thoughts on “Clifton is hitched. Pay your respects.

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    Clifton say it isn’t so!
    Nah, congrats man!

    I found my way here via Jason’s facebook message. I for one am choosing to say in blissful ignorance regarding their privacy policies 😉

  2. 4

    Yeah, he even came to work for the company again for a while. Bugger got scary buff.

    I had to postpone my yesterday-trip til today, and it’s kind of still not over even though I’m back home. I’m likely to have to go back sometime next week, will drop you an e-mail or mention it on here.

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