Today’s “Fuck You” round-up!

Fuck you, Robert Mugabe.  If you have to put your opposition in prison and threaten everyone in your country with violence in order to win an election, then there’s no point in having a fucking election at all.  Just call yourself a dictator and be done with it.  Asshat.

Fuck you, Republicans who were eager to question John Kerry’s service in Vietnam, producing smear after execrable smear of his record, but are now more than happy to bitch about General Wes Clark questioning whether McCain’s graduating in the bottom 1% of his class (no, seriously! 894th out of 899!) then proceeding to get shot down in your fighter jet (after having crashed four other planes, by the way) qualifies you for being president.

And a big old, bold-faced, FUCK YOU to Future Ex-President Bush for finally seeing the light with regard to using diplomacy with one of the members of his supposed “Axis of Evil“, not one month after giving a speech before the Knesset (text) in which he called Barack Obama’s policy of diplomacy a “delusion” and akin to Nazi appeasement (and this in front of the legislative assembly of Jerusalem!  Subtle, real subtle!).  Yes, diplomacy is the right way of dealing with the assholes that occasionally occupy world stage positions, and force only comes as a last resort, so Bush should be applauded for managing an actual diplomatic win (maybe the first of his presidency!), but the hypocriticality of the whole situation just makes my blood boil.

It also bothers me that if Bush manages to get his war on Iran begun before he leaves office, then his ditto-heads will have another talking point — that Bush dealt with the Axis of Evil.  Forget the fact that North Korea now has the bomb, and under Bush’s watch.  Forget the fact that Iraq is a quagmire.  Forget that he’ll be dumping THREE wars on Obama’s lap.  (I refuse to even entertain the idea of a McCain presidency.  And you can’t make me.)  Edit: Oh yeah.  And forget that the REAL war he’s supposed to be engaging in, the “War on Terror”, has a real organization involved, Al Qaeda, which is headed by Bin Laden, who is in Pakistan, and the Bush administration is FUCKING PREVENTING A SPECIAL FORCES PLAN TO GO KILL HIM!

So to you douchebags, I say, FUCK YOU.

Heh.  That’s a good one.  I’m going to use that image again in the future, I’m sure.

Today’s “Fuck You” round-up!
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7 thoughts on “Today’s “Fuck You” round-up!

  1. Me

    I am saddened that you had to resort to vulgarity in your blog. Tsk tsk. Someone as erudite as your self should be loquacious enough to state their argument eloquently with mere simple grammar.

    Oh wait, you were using language that your readers could actually understand weren’t you?

    My apologies. What the fuck was I thinking? Please ignore me and carry on.

  2. 5

    ooooo, someone peed in your cornflakes didn’t they? That always makes me jumpy. Usually it’s my cats though so when I catch them on the counters I know not to eat the cornflakes, still leaves me in a mood though (i’m on caffine and sugar atm, can you tell?) you know Jason, you may have inspired me to start one of these things, for something to do during downtime at work if nothing else, which I have a surprising amount of for someone working in the legal field. Having that much downtime sometimes disturbs me, I really don’t feel I should have enough time to read the Chroncile Hearld online or to check my e-mail etc etc etc, *shrug* but I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

    but the original point of this comment, I must say I agree with you on most points, at least the ones I feel I know enough about to agree with with confidence.

    must go get more caffine and sugar now….. i’m not quite hyper enough.

  3. 6

    I save this particular mode of language for when things really, really cheese me off. Then they come out in a sailor-like tirade.

    I hope everyone starts a blog someday! The more the merrier! Let’s clutter up cyberspace with all our opinions, while it’s still free!

  4. 7

    I’m not gonna lie i didnt read it all the way through i just liked the title….brilliant. I bet it felt good when you hit publish on that

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