A grand old rant to blow off some steam

I honestly don’t know what your political affiliations or leanings might be.  I can with reasonable safety assume, since I have not yet made this blog terribly public but for a few close friends, you’re here, and I tend to lean more toward socially liberal and foreign-policy realist positions, positions based on research and fact and logic and a fundamental respect for other human beings’ rights to exist, to self-realize, to “pursue happiness”, that you are likely of a similar mind.  I do confess to a certain bewilderment at how anyone, when presented with all the facts of our world’s current state, anyone who’s been paying the least bit of attention to the world stage and all its players, could possibly support the horrible, hobgoblinish policies of the current President of the United States.

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As much as I’d like to see the other side of things, I just can’t fathom the merest concept that someone could conceivably agree that security is more important than essential liberty, or that endless war in a country that was not a threat to the US to begin with is a grand and noble endeavour, or that any party that values attempting diplomatic relations before preemptive war is equivalent to Nazi appeasement.  I keep trying, despite myself, to understand those baseline 20% that still approve of how he’s handling the economy, the war, and the job in general, and I find myself consistently failing to empathize.

When I went to Georgia for Jodi’s sister’s wedding, I have to admit, I had misgivings, knowing specifically that a number of folks I’d be visiting with were not only Bush empathizers, but Bush supporters.  I don’t think I understood the depth of dissatisfaction America’s own people had with Bush.  I saw the numbers, but it didn’t really come into focus until the lovely older couple who sat next to me on the flight explained to me that they were every bit as horrified as I was at the state of their government.  I was defensive about speaking my mind, having been trained by Jodi over the weeks prior to leaving that I was not to talk politics under any circumstances in the event that I end up ruining the wedding with some political argument, but the lady was more than happy to volunteer that things were seriously amiss and even let slip that her husband felt that Keith Olbermann was basically the last journalist left that didn’t fall into the two categories of: a) complete and utter toady to the Republican party, or b) forced to present both sides of every argument, as though both sides of every argument had merit, without weighing in at all that either side was totally foolhardy or devoid of any inkling of how the real world worked.

While I’m happy to say that I don’t believe he is the only one left — beyond the blogosphere where everyone is a journalist, at the very least I have heard the truth spoken on more than one occasion by Rachel Maddow — I have to agree at the very least that Keith Olbermann is a rare breed, and he has in the past put together “special comments” that are, without hyperbole, nothing short of a clarion call to pierce the darkness of our times.

Want proof?  I will happily provide.

A grand old rant to blow off some steam

2 thoughts on “A grand old rant to blow off some steam

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    Yeah, but Michelle Malkin is a particular breed of fuckwit. One only has to read her Wikipedia article to see an itemized history of every bit of retardery that’s spewed forth from her gaping maw.

    And heaven forbid a fashion from the Middle East should become popular or — GASP — used in a commercial (which implies capitalism), and not only that, but for Dunkin Donuts, the rival to the “latte sipping liberals'” supposed haven, Starbucks. Hell, I’m surprised the idiots on the extreme right side of the American political spectrum don’t stage protests over Sayid on Lost, given their utter hatred and fear of all things foreign.

    Then again, this site is probably giving those simps a reason to claim all of Canada as some kind of terrorist sympathizer country just because *I* think they’re not worth the carbon they’re made up of. I should quit while I’m ahead, given they’re still the ones with their fingers on the red button.

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