Greta's Sporadic Blog Carnival #6

And today, we have yet another round of Cool Stuff I Found On the Blogosphere and Elsewhere on the Internet. I haven’t done one of these in a while, and it’s past time.

By Hemant Mehta on Friendly Atheist: You Say We’re Redefining Marriage? You’re Redefining Love. The anti- gay Christian Right loves to fear- monger by saying that same-sex marriage advocates are “redefining marriage.” And they also say that they don’t hate gay people, they love gay people, with tropes like “love the sinner, hate the sin.” Hemant argues beautifully that, given these folks’ appalling behavior towards LGBT people, they’re doing something much more serious than redefining marriage — they are redefining love. This piece is entirely made of win.

By Susie Bright on Susie Bright’s Journal: SERE Training Turned My Boyfriend from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. There’s been a lot in the news lately about the SERE training done by the U.S. government to try to train soldiers to resist torture… techniques that were adopted by interrogators in the Bush administration. Susie writes about someone she knew who went through the SERE training, and what it did to him. A chilling, intensely personal account, not of the techniques of torture, but of its effects… even under supposedly controlled circumstances.

By NonStampCollector: What Would Jesus NOT Do? A bust- a- gut, laugh- out- loud funny video, in which angels try to persuade Jesus to do something broadly helpful to humanity and genuinely convincing of his divinity, instead of just walking on water and healing a handful of people. (Translation: Angels make atheists’ arguments for us.) Totally hilarious, and an absolute must-see. (Via Friendly Atheist and Pharyngula.)

By The Chaplain at An Apostate’s Chapel: The Boyfriend. An insightful, creepy, hilarious piece on romantic and sexual imagery of Jesus in Christian songs… otherwise known as “Jesus is my boyfriend” music.

By Eric Michael Johnson at The Primate Diaries: Male Chauvinist Chimps or the Meat Market of Public Opinion? How sexist attitudes in science reporting doesn’t just foster sexism — it fosters a bad understanding of science.

And by Ebonmuse at Daylight Atheism: Dreams of a Better World. Why hopeful optimism isn’t blind or self-deluded, but is actually a reasonable life philosophy.

Happy reading!

Greta's Sporadic Blog Carnival #6
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2 thoughts on “Greta's Sporadic Blog Carnival #6

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    I enjoy your sporadic blog carnivals. Always a combination of my favourite posts that I have seen that need a wider audience, juxtaposed with nifty stuff I haven’t seen, making me part of that wider audience.

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    Thanks for including me in your carnival. I enjoy your sporadic carnivals, as they inevitably include pieces I haven’t seen yet (a deficiency I will make sure to correct).

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