Bible Con: the rewrite

I’ve been sort of kind of rewriting Bible Con for the last two months, but I think I’ve had a breakthrough.

It’s a Mockumentary and has a lot of characters and a fair few balls in the air at any time, and the most consistent note I’ve gotten on it is that the conflict needs to be heightened and specified.  It’s tough, in an ensemble piece, to make sure that every character has a goal, flaws, and something stopping them from being happy.  It’s not that these things didn’t exist in the previous draft, but they are a bit murky.

So I’ve decided to completely rewrite one of the 6 main characters and make him, essentially, not a main character at all.  There’s a lot that’s going to be coming out of this draft, I’m a little worried it’s going to drop too many pages, but hopefully it’ll all balance out.

Bible Con: the rewrite

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    Don’t worry about the page count. The other characters will take up the space (my characters are just like actors…they can’t wait for more room to expand their role). Good luck on the rewrite. Sounds like you’ve thought the character change out and it could lead to something good in the story!

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