Mock the Movie: Whitewashing Edition

Netflix exec: All right. Tell me about the property.

Development assistant*: It’s called Death Note. It’s very popular in manga form for the—

Netflix exec: Who’s the protagonist?

Development assistant: Light Yagami. He’s a student who—

Netflix exec: What kind of name is that? We’ll have to change it.

Development assistant: I…noted. Change the name.

Netflix exec: Who is this kid?

Development assistant: As I said, he’s a student. He finds a book that kills people.

Netflix exec: And he has to figure out how to stop it?

Development assistant: Not…exactly.

Netflix exec: Well?

Development assistant: He uses it.

Netflix exec: An all-American kid like him? Hmm. We’re going to have to do something about that. All right. I think we’re done here. Next meeting!

  • No, I have no idea what title belongs to the poor schmuck in this scenario. I have people I could ask, but I feel like that would be more effort than Netflix put in on getting things right.

This one is, of course, available on Netflix.

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Mock the Movie: Whitewashing Edition