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4 thoughts on “Our Mars spacecraft can take photos of our other spacecraft landing on Mars

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    Thoughts: Curiosity on Mars
    I was going to write an opinion piece about Curiosity, landing on Mars. But others addressed my position better than I, so here they are.

    “Simon Says Don’t”
    By Kevin MacLeod
    “NASA & Federal Budget”
    – Neil deGrasse Tyson
    Carl Sagan message to Mars
    “Curiosity Land on Mars”
    Final hour here
    FaceBook Screen Captures:
    Native American Culture
    Curiosity Mission to Mars:
    Your Tax $ @ work

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    We did this with Phoenix back in aught 8 (it’s so cool that I can say ‘aught’… I can’t wait ’till I’m a curmudgeonly old man) and we even got details of the strings connecting the lander to the ‘chute, but that’s likely due to a better lighting angle

    Also, turns out that MRO also captured the heat shield as it was falling away.

    The time it would take for the heat shield to hit the ground after being ejected was a minute and a half. We captured it in mid-air.

    Fuck yeah.

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