Welcome to The Orbit, an atheist blog network for social justice

Today we’re launching The Orbit, a blog network of atheists advancing the values of intersectional feminism and social justice, and offering diverse secular perspectives on some of the world’s most pressing issues. The network is home to more than 20 nonreligious commentators from many walks of life, all of them bringing their unique experiences, insights, and outlooks together to spark discourse and move conversations forward in secular and social justice communities alike.

For those of you who are new to this blog, I’m Zinnia Jones. I’m a professional writer and researcher, a radical feminist, a secular activist, a trans woman, and a mom, living in Florida with my partners Heather and Penny. As a former Christian, I’ve been vlogging on YouTube since 2008, addressing faith issues and political developments with a focus on LGBT topics. After transitioning in 2012, I’ve increasingly covered trans-related subjects with an emphasis on the experiences of trans people and the impact of structural prejudice on our lives. These themes have featured prominently in my web series, Gender Analysis. I’ve written at Freethought Blogs from 2012 to 2015, spoken at the Florida Secular Rally and SF Pride, participated in panels at Women in Secularism III, and made appearances on Al Jazeera America and CNN to discuss trans healthcare access in prisons.

For those of you who already know me, this will be the new location for my blog. All of my content from Freethought Blogs has been moved here, and those links will now forward to The Orbit. Readers can expect a renewed vigor to my blogging activity as a member of this exciting and dynamic new platform. The network features plenty of familiar faces, like Brute Reason, Almost Diamonds, Greta Christina, Heinous Dealings, En Tequila Es Verdad, Ashley F. Miller, Consider the Tea Cosy, Biodork, Black Skeptics, Godlessness In Theory, and Lousy Canuck. We’re also joined by some new additions from around the web, including Trans and Godless, Alyssa and Ania, Seriously?!?, Benny Vimes, Literate Perversions, The Progressive Pub, The Eternal Bookshelf, and Missives From The Ether, with many more on the way. Luxander, who previously wrote here as a co-blogger, has now moved up to their own blog at Metaphorical Penis. I’d highly recommend taking a look around and getting to know this unparalleled community.

If you have any questions, are still getting your bearings here, or just want to know more about all this, leave a comment below or reach me at [email protected] Welcome to The Orbit!

Welcome to The Orbit, an atheist blog network for social justice
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    Huzzah! Hello. I bookmark the migrant blogs here plus Lux’s joint. I hope the moderation here works better for you, back at FtB I wouldn’t read the comments on your blog in particular because some nasty garbage visitors would go unfiltered. Then again, if that’s how you prefer it, I can just keep skipping the comments section, no biggy.

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