New at Gender Analysis: Youth transition myths, and Donald Trump

Photo of a woman standing, with short purple hair, glasses, a purple shirt and maroon hoodie, a pendant of an inverted cross.
Two new articles are up now at Gender Analysis. The first addresses and debunks a series of misleading arguments about youth transition and puberty blockers which have repeatedly and irresponsibly been promoted by several commentators in major publications:

If this protocol really did inexorably guide every child into a more permanent medical transition, this period of extended consideration would not be standard clinical practice. This time specifically serves to identify those youth who will stop experiencing dysphoria and will not want to transition. While Julie Bindel and others may speculate at length about how they “might” have pursued a medical transition, there is every indication that even if they had ever received puberty blockers, they would have had ample opportunity to recognize that transitioning wasn’t what they wanted.

The other is a confrontation of one of the most galling behaviors of America’s next top misogynist, and the attitudes among men that he dangerously normalizes:

Men will often persist in these opinions for the rest of their life simply because they don’t know better and never learned otherwise. Donald Trump is what happens when that 14-year-old reaches age 70 without our society teaching him to do better. We end up with a man who chiefly seems to acquire sex via rape, a man who resembles a large hog that’s been stuffed in an ill-fitting suit and had its head shoved in a lint trap, a man who isn’t going to let any of that stop him from judging his accusers as too unattractive to be the target of his sexual predation.

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New at Gender Analysis: Youth transition myths, and Donald Trump