13 thoughts on “Ray Comfort thought that ‘bibliophile’ meant what?

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    On the one hand, he’s incredibly ignorant, but give him credit: he did apologize graciously. Sure, he did it with a bit of snark toward atheists, but considering how much spleen we have vented his way (even though the spleen is justified), I can even understand the snark.

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    Almost makes me wish I could meet him and his film crew on one of those street corner things he has done in the past. I’d love to ask him about bananas, crocoducks, and bibliophiles. “Some kind of atheist insult,” oh my word.

    At the least it would waste his time. Maybe provide entertainment to some passers-by.

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    Comfort, the (mentally) afflicted. Should we afflict Comfort?

    Comfort clearly isn’t a bibliophile if he’s that ignorant of the word, and he’s proud of it. This isn’t the first time such ignorance and stupidity has been willingly displayed, and we can be sure it won’t be the last.


    See also: firings at the University of Wisconsin in 1997 and Washington DC in 1999 after use of a synonym for “miserly”.

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