Pat Robertson? I Don't Even….

I really try not to be judgmental about other people’s consensual sex lives, but

But you didn’t come here for a geography lesson, you came here for some good, old-fashioned Craigslist pervertedness and boy do we have a doozie for you today. Normally, I’d expect this kind of post in the Casual Encounters section, but I just assume that this couple’s request was meant to be offered out to the more open-minded people of the “Activity Partners” community. Especially those who love to dress up and watch people get it on.

Middle aged bored couple (Kempsville)

Both male and female late 40′s seek adventurous couple for fun times. We seek another couple for a night of fun so we can check off another on our bucket list. We would like the man to dress up and play the part of Pat Robertson and the female to wear a tight blue dress and act like she is a sales spokesperson on Home Shopping channel. My husband I would be naked and making love in our bed all the while Pat Robertson will be constantly attempting to save our souls and the female to have ongoing dialogue trying to sell us an Ab Rocket in 3 easy payments.

I don’t actually know that I fail at being judgmental about this one either, because I simply don’t get it. I can’t even wrap my brain around this long enough to be squicked out.

Pat Robertson? I Don't Even….
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13 thoughts on “Pat Robertson? I Don't Even….

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    I don’t see the perversion. Sounds like they’ve got a little narrative worked out (“We’re sharing one of the most primal of human experiences while Capitalism and the Moral Majority try in vain to win our attention”) and they want someone to help them act it out. And they like to swing.

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    Of course, I don’t know that’s what they have in mind, but the bits about “constantly attempting to save our souls” and “trying to sell us an Ab Rocket in 3 easy payments” suggests to me that they’re not devotees of either Robertson or the Home Shopping Network.

    It’s entirely possible that I don’t get it because those elements are always there in our lives and I just don’t feel the point of having them personified.

    Again, I’m just making my best guess at a possible rationale, and one is that this is one of their ways of pushing back at those elements.

    But I dunno. I’m not really much into sexual role-play, so my default stance is to avoid the fundamental attribution error by assuming that the people involved are fulfilling similar desires to those I’m familiar with, even though I don’t fulfil them that particular way. And if everyone’s consenting and nobody’s being hurt, then what’s the harm?

    It’s also true that I probably don’t know enough about sexual role play to be squicked out by particular choices of role, given consent and considerations of potential harm.

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    There’s always the possibility — nay probability — that this is an Onion-esque joke. it reads like one. And honestly, I thought it was pretty funny and figured that’s exactly what it was. It almost sounds like something the staff over there would write.

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