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3 thoughts on “Gaga, Palmer, Madonna

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    Yay! That was fun. But seriously, Andy Warhol? He was reactionary not visionary. I mean sure, taking the stuffing out of macho-masterpiece Modernists was a worthwhile endeavour, but following it up with a career of mass reproductions was so much less interesting than say, Joseph Beuys. Oh waitaminnit. I agree with the singer here. Nothing wrong pop for pop's sake. But hey I incorrectly paint dead arthropods so what do I know.

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    Thanks, loved the video. Hello, I'm a long time reader. I'm not a very happy person but this blog is one few bright rays of sunshine…good Christ that's cheesy. I enjoy your writing, envy your intelligence, and think that after you die, your brain should be preserved and placed in some kind of awesome brain museum. Oh, and I found your blog through Greg's blog. Keep up the good work.

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