Help My Awesome Family! (Plz?)

I generally try not to ask for favors for myself, but this isn’t for me, so today I’m going to use my extraordinarily limited platform to solicit help for my dad, step-mom, and two younger siblings.

My dad is presently unemployed, and my step-mom works part-time. Dad has fibromyalgia and other health issues which make it difficult to work. While my uncle is trying to hook him up with a job, Dad has aspirations to work at home making music (Soundcloud) and videos on his YouTube channel, DaveInABottle.

(His name is Dave.)

Here's my dad and the youngest, Evie.
Here’s my dad and the youngest, Evie.
On the left, Nadia, on the right, Evie.
On the left, Nadia, on the right, Evie.
And my lovely step-mom, Josie, just for good measure.

So, as you can imagine, supporting four people on one part-time income doesn’t work very well. They need help with groceries and other basics, as well as Christmas presents, if you’re feeling particularly generous:

But MOST OF ALL. My dad has a lot of really cool ideas for videos to make. He has a green screen set up, he’s acquiring the lights and microphones he needs. The big necessity right now is a second camera, since most of my dad’s really cool ideas require the ability to shoot from two angles at once. In order to help with that, I gave them some Christmas money, but they still need about $120 to get the camera they need. I’d be super happy if a few people donated a few dollars to help my dad create a career he can be happy with and proud of, so he can support his family without running himself ragged at a job that means nothing.

Basically, my dad is awesome. His wife his awesome. His kids are awesome. (Myself included.) They’re homeschooling humanists with creative needs!

Click here to donate moneys! Thank you so much!

Help My Awesome Family! (Plz?)

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    = Dave. Thank you to everyone that donated something–it’s the first time in my life that I’ve experienced this kind of generosity.

    Since I now have donators, what kind of video content do you like to see when you graze through YouTube? I’d like to do a little of everything, but I need to focus on a few things at first to really hone the skills.

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