Out now: Hacking Transition, by Kristin

My colleague and good friend Kristin has just released her e-book, Hacking Transition: Tips and Tricks for Making Transition Easier. The book includes advice on all aspects of transitioning for trans women, from a a position of firsthand experience. Kristin says:

Over the last several years I have been through a lot with my transition, and learned a great deal. I’ve done many things well, and many things I wish I could do over. Along the way I’ve recorded all of the knowledge I have accumulated into an E-Book. Now that my transition is complete, I don’t want everything I have learned to go to waste, so I’m selling it in the form of an E-Book.

The book is on sale for just $7.99, with additional bonus packages available as well. Kristin is a great writer and visionary, and I highly recommend it.

Out now: Hacking Transition, by Kristin

3 thoughts on “Out now: Hacking Transition, by Kristin

  1. 1

    There doesn’t seem to be any information about what format the book’s in. “E-book” doesn’t really mean much.

    Also, in the book description, she uses “trans” as a noun, which is pretty clueless. Makes me wonder how much reading she’s done on the subject.

  2. 2

    Yeah, I was on the fence about buying it. I wanted to buy it, but the lack of description as to what the content was like was making me unsure.
    Then I saw:
    “…It deals with coming to terms with yourself as a trans.”


  3. 3

    I can’t find any way to contact her directly with these questions. Who sells something on the web without a contact form or any way to ask questions about the product? Given the ambiguity about the format and the lack of any way to contact her, I’d be surprised if she sells any of these e-books. You might point this out to her, ZJ.

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