Why I’m having an orchiectomy

I recently decided to begin working towards obtaining a bilateral orchiectomy, one of the many surgeries available to transgender women. This refers to the permanent removal of both testes, while leaving the penis intact. It’s also known as an orchi (rhymes with “Yorkie”), castration, or in animals, neutering. In short, it’s the polite term for having your balls cut out.

One of the first questions I’m often asked about this, particularly by people who value their testes, is “dear god why!?” For most ball-owners, it seems that few things provoke a more visceral reaction than the prospect of losing them. But this is a valid question – it’s worth exploring what exactly this surgery does, the role it plays in transitioning, and why I’ve decided that this is right for me.

How HRT works

This will be a significant milestone for me: the first surgery I’ll be having as part of my transition. And while that is a big step, I tend to think of it as simply being an extension of hormone replacement therapy, which is the only medical procedure I’ve had so far. HRT for trans women generally includes supplemental estrogen, as well as anti-androgen drugs to suppress testosterone. These anti-androgens are designed to shut down the production of testosterone, block its action at receptors, or prevent it from being converted into more potent forms. This clears the way for estrogen to produce physical feminization more effectively.

However, anti-androgens do have side effects. One common drug causes frequent urination, and can theoretically result in dangerously high potassium levels, although this almost never happens. Others have been associated with a small risk of liver toxicity. Overall, there’s little data available on the effects of using them for several decades.

Removing the testes eliminates the main source of testosterone – but as long as I still have them, I’ll need to monitor my testosterone to make sure it’s being adequately suppressed by anti-androgens. Furthermore, if I ever went off HRT for any reason, its feminizing effects would largely be reversed as my body began to produce normal male levels of testosterone again. My breasts would shrink away, my body hair would grow back thicker and darker, my skin would become rougher and more oily, my hairline would recede and male-pattern baldness could set in, my sex drive would become uncomfortably active again, my face would lose much of its feminine aspects, my facial hair would start to spread, my body would return to a more masculine shape, and all of these effects of testosterone would continue to accumulate as I aged.

What an orchi would change

An orchi can largely prevent this from ever happening. After having my testes removed, my testosterone levels would fall to within a normal female range – possibly even lower, due to the absence of any testosterone production from ovaries. This effect would be permanent, so there would no longer be any need for anti-androgens, and no risk of physical regression or re-masculinization due to uncontrolled testosterone.

At that point, the only HRT regimen I’d need would consist of estrogen and possibly progesterone. This would also permit me to lower my dose of estrogen, which reduces the risk of potentially life-threatening blood clots. If I ever did have to stop HRT, the regression of feminine features would be minimal, similar to that experienced by cis women during menopause. Practically speaking, an orchi would effectively lock in the feminizing effects of HRT.

Still, lacking any testes or ovaries would leave me dependent on supplemental sex hormones for the rest of my life, in order to avoid symptoms such as bone loss. At this point, I’m pretty comfortable with that degree of commitment. I’ve been on HRT for almost a year now, and even if I didn’t get an orchi, I would still need to keep taking it indefinitely in order to continue transitioning. By now, I’ve become accustomed to this as a part of my life.

I don’t intend to go back, so realistically, this isn’t a choice between needing medication or not. Rather, it’s a choice between needing more medication or less. And crucially, it means choosing between remaining in a limbo state of perpetually staving off masculinization, or making these changes more permanent and resilient.

Why not vaginoplasty?

Some people have asked why I wouldn’t instead choose to have a vaginoplasty, commonly known as sex reassignment surgery, or SRS. During SRS, the penile and scrotal tissue are used to create a vulva and a vagina. When people say “the surgery”, this is the one they’re talking about.

It’s usually easy for people to understand why a trans woman would want a vagina – they can recognize that, as women, we want this to be a part of our bodies. So it can sometimes be puzzling to them when we don’t, especially given that an orchi doesn’t do anything to align my genitals with normative female standards, and even takes them further away from normative male standards. Quite simply, I’ve taken the benefits and risks into account, and I’m not ready to have SRS at this time. While I’m certainly curious about what it would be like to have a vagina, it’s not something I have a particularly strong need for.

I’m comfortable with the way my genitals currently function, and SRS would alter that significantly, with a potential risk of losing sensation and the ability to orgasm. There are also a number of serious complications that can occur, and revision surgeries are often necessary. If SRS were perfect, I’d be much more willing to have it done. But as is, I personally don’t consider it worth the risk of compromising what I have now. This is just my own evaluation of my options – something that each person has to decide for themselves.

On the other hand, an orchi is a much simpler surgery in almost every way. It doesn’t involve repurposing the genitals to change their function or create a whole new organ – there’s no delicate crafting involved. Instead, it’s the relatively straightforward removal of two small bits of tissue that are just hanging out there, waiting to be excised. SRS is a highly specialized operation, uncommon enough that the surgeons who make a career of it are very well-known to trans women. These specialists are scattered around the world: getting SRS with your surgeon of choice can mean traveling across the country, or to the other side of the planet. And because it’s such a unique form of reconstructive surgery, it can cost $10-20,000, usually out-of-pocket.

An orchi is a relatively routine and commonplace procedure with a low risk of complications. It’s likely performed for more cis men than trans women, and there are many more surgeons in everyday hospitals who can do it safely and effectively – you don’t have to travel to Thailand to find someone who can give you the perfect orchi. It’s a minor operation using a small incision and local anesthetic, and many trans women report staying awake for the entire surgery. The recovery time is only a week or two. And given that it doesn’t require such detailed work, it can be obtained for as little as $2,500 in some areas.

Furthermore, this is not an either-or decision. Having an orchi still leaves open the choice to have SRS in the future – the testes are not a crucial component of vaginoplasty, and they’re discarded during the procedure. Some surgeons prefer not to perform SRS after an orchi, and others will charge more for it, but it is possible. And post-operative HRT regimens are essentially the same whether you’ve had an orchi or SRS. Right now, I’m not pursuing this, so an orchi will give me the hormone-related benefits without requiring me to have such a major operation.

My priorities in transitioning

I should emphasize that I personally find the whole-body changes induced by HRT to be much more important than obtaining a vagina. People tend to reduce all of transitioning to being solely about correcting your genitals, as if that’s the entirety of what a “sex change” is. And yes, for many trans women, having a vagina is a priority. But there’s still much more to this than rearranging small pieces of flesh that most people will never even see.

Over the past year, I’ve been amazed to discover that HRT changes almost everything. It’s changed the way my face looks, how my body is shaped, the way I move, my hair, my skin, and my physical strength. It’s also changed how I experience the world, my emotions, and even sex. My body and my mind feel so much more right for me, and this has improved my life in nearly every respect. It’s fixed whatever was missing for me, and for the first time, everything matters and I can actually find a reason to care about things. My life is worth living now. Without question, this has made me more complete as a person.

This isn’t like putting on makeup – this has fundamentally changed my physical presence in the world. I consider these changes to be integral to who I am now, and I don’t ever want to lose them. As I move forward in life, it’s very important to me to ensure that these effects will become a permanent part of myself – that’s my priority. An orchi will give me that certainty, and if I ever do feel the need to get a vagina, that option will be available as well.

Miscellaneous questions

Some people have wondered how an orchi would affect sexual functioning, and a few were apparently under the impression that erection and orgasm are impossible without testes. However, that’s not really how that works, for cis men or for trans women. I should note that HRT has already reduced my testosterone to the levels I would have after an orchi – essentially, I’ve already been “chemically castrated”.

Those levels will be the same both pre-op and post-op, and the sexual effects of this are likely to be similar as well. Every trans woman experiences sex differently, but for me, this already hasn’t compromised my ability to orgasm – if you really must know. And, well, let’s just say it’s not all about erections anymore.

Others have asked if I’ve banked sperm prior to this. I haven’t, and I don’t intend to. HRT has already made me practically infertile, and I would have to go off it for several months to have even a chance of regaining some fertility. In that time, most of the feminizing changes would be reversed, which is exactly what I want to avoid. If you had been in my shoes, and experienced all the differences between living with testosterone and replacing it with estrogen, trust me: you wouldn’t want to go back, ever.

I also don’t personally consider it very important to pass on my genes, and I never intended to have biological children anyway. I already have two wonderful stepkids, and they’re the best in the world – they’re all I need. For me, reproducing isn’t a big deal, and I really don’t mind if my gametes are forever erased from existence.

Some have questioned whether being hit or kicked in the area hurts as much after an orchi. I’ve asked other trans women who’ve had an orchi, and they report that being hit in the balls doesn’t hurt when you have no balls. Personally, I’m looking forward to having this glaring vulnerability fixed.

Most interestingly, some people have asked whether I’ll get to keep them after they’ve been removed. And some surgeons do let you take them home! I figure we’ll preserve them in a jar, display it on our bookshelves, and use it as a weird prop for videos. (Anyone who knows what chemicals and processes are necessary to do this, hit me up.)

Where we stand now

At this point, I’m highly certain that an orchi is right for me. I’ve been seriously considering it for several months, and during that time, I’ve only become more comfortable with the possibility. I’ve never particularly valued these organs, nor are they a necessary or important part of my self-concept. Beyond just a weighing of benefits and risks, I’ve reached a point where I’m happy to regard them as merely a temporary part of my body. I don’t feel I’ll regret permanently separating them from myself.

Nevertheless, I’ll still have plenty more time to think it over – there’s a lot of work to be done. I have to obtain the necessary referral letters, find a surgeon, and see if there’s any way my insurance could cover some or all of the costs. As I don’t yet know how this will turn out, I’ve made a goal of saving $4,000 to cover medical expenses, travel, time off work, and other incidentals. While this is a substantial amount, I’m aiming to have an orchi before the end of next year.

Those are the parameters. I’m making this happen, and I’ll continue to keep you all updated on how it goes. Wish me luck!

Why I’m having an orchiectomy

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  1. 2

    Congratulations on making this important decision so thoughtfully? Have you considered a donate button? Some folks would love to help make this happen.


    (crescentmoonmountaintop on tumblr)

  2. Eva

    Just for the record, many post-op women I’ve met or read about can have wonderful, amazing, mad, stupid orgasms and sensation (more so than the post-op women I’ve met or read about who can’t) and no surgery, anywhere, is without its risk. Having said that, I think orchiectomy is a wonderful alternative or precursor to grs.

  3. 4

    In the old old days, organs were preserved in jars of formaldehyde. But that is probably too cancer-causing for you to have at home, for both health and legal reasons.
    Of course, there are modern substitutes, supposedly non-carcinogenic.
    The issue is that you want a fluid that is nasty to any bacteria that would want to grow by eating the organs — in other words a fluid to stop rotting. But if there’s ever a fluid leak, you don’t want humans to be hurt by it.

    Every year, new studies change what people know or think on all this.

    Embalming is usually thought of for things that won’t be kept at home, so their assumptions may not be relevant.

    I’d look at how biology course samples are preserved. A catalog might list different options at different cost/safety ratios. Again, most college items are intended for disposal after a year or two, so their assumptions, while better, may not be perfect. But it may be a start. Good luck.

    1. 4.1

      I’ve worked in biology labs, and I want to say rapid profusion with (I’d have to check the percents) a mix of phosphate buffer, formaldehyde, and glutaraldehyde is what we’ve used, though never on tissue that big. The key is to get it into tissue and then rapidly get the water out, so that the fixative has a chance to crosslink (bond to) the bonds in the tissue. For my work, that means limited size, but using a syringe to do so might make up for that.

      Shoot me an email if you want more details.

  4. 7

    Your insights and your writing are really fascinating – thank you for a really eye-opening post! Before you wrote this I’d assumed that transition surgery meant SRS or nothing.

    The bit about having them preserved… I now have this vision of you handing them to Heather and saying with a straight face “As a symbol of commitment, I now present you with my balls in a jar”.

  5. 9

    Seconding plastination – you could use them as doorstops or paperweights, or just put the plastinated bits into a jar (of water) for effect. It’s simple to do and almost any research, pathology or veterinary lab that handles specimens would be equipped for it. Heck, I’ve plastinated lots of testes in my time… they were just much, much smaller.

  6. 10

    I’ve had an orchi, and many of the reasons I had an orchi overlap yours, Zinnia.

    Fortunately, you’re not likely to experience the cyberharassment and cyberstalking I experienced upon talking about it at Pam’s House Blend — which turned out to be the worst drawback of the surgery for me. The rest of the surgery experience was a real positive.

    Congratulations on the surgery — here’s wishing you low pain and a quick recovery!

  7. Pen

    Personally, I’m looking forward to having this glaring vulnerability fixed.

    Wow, I almost want to ask how come that’s such an issue! But actually, if your step kids are quite young, then I get it. Good luck with your operation and thanks for explaining your thinking. It’s very enlightening.

  8. 14

    A quick personal note, I’ve been on That Certain Androgen Blocker for a decade, and I have had zero problems with frequent urination and since I avoid eating bananas and mangoes on a regular basis, I don’t have to worry about the potassium thing. Just tossing a tiny little data point out there, although it doesn’t affect overall stats of course.

  9. 15

    I had my orchi in 2005, and things you REALLY need to consider are: loss of ability to have a satisfying orgasm, loss of interest in ANYTHING sexual at all, rapid weight gain, calcium deficiencies and osteoporosis, leg and foot cramps, hot flashes from hell, and an inability to maintain/regulate your body’s temperature.

    If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t. If you’re determined however, make sure you use a qualified urologist. Many will do the surgery in their office for $800.00. You really shouldn’t have to pay much more.

    Don’t ever say you weren’t warned.

  10. MAH

    There are a lot of pressures on both sides of the aisle. Parents and conservatives don’t want you to have any surgery. Legal and social pressures often push you to have surgery, just so you can get an F in sex. (Thankfully that’s changing.) Sometimes a partner has a strong opinion one way or the other. I admire you, Zinnia, because you’ve made this very important decision for the right reasons: personal medical reasons, and avoided letting all those extraneous forces pressure you.

  11. 18

    I have followed you blog, well a little bit at least, and I certainly wish you the very best. I do hope that you are aware however that there is a potential serious drawback to an orchiectomy. Many surgeons that perform gender conformation surgery recommend that one not have an orchiectomy if you are planning to have have conformation surgery at a later time. The reason being that an orchiectomy reduces the testosterone levels far more than Spironolactone does. This causes shrinkage of the penis and atrophy of the surrounding skin that can cause conformation surgery to be less successfully. This is why I decided not to have an orchiectomy many years ago. For me conformation surgery for me is very important . Please understand that my comments are in no way judgmental, I simply hope that you are aware of all of the possible ramification of your decision and make the very best decision for yourself. Again I really do wish you the very best.

  12. xyz

    I wish you the best as you prepare for this surgery. It’s a privilege to be able to read your blogging about your transition process in such detail.

  13. 21

    From what I’ve read, removal of testes from adult men does NOT generally change sex drive. So, when you say, “my sex drive would become uncomfortably active again,” that won’t likely be affected by an orchiectomy.

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  15. 27

    Best of luck on your upcoming surgery, and I hope it’s one more step in making you feel more complete.

    The usual method for preserving tissue involves first using a fixative (like formaldehyde) to stop the enzymes in the tissue from breaking down the sample, then preserving them, frequently in alcohol. Grain alcohol (Everclear) is actually a pretty good choice.

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  17. 30

    At this point in the comments I almost have to ask… have you considered having a spellcaster remove the testes nonsurgically?

    Sorry, those spam comments are just. too. funny!

    THANK YOU for sharing all that information. I’d never ask, and I am glad to be enlightened.

    Regarding preservation — I wonder if you could get them bronzed? Regardless of the method of preservation, I’d like to suggest: A canopic jar!

  18. 31

    Over the past year, I’ve been amazed to discover that HRT changes almost everything. It’s changed the way my face looks, how my body is shaped, the way I move, my hair, my skin, and my physical strength. It’s also changed how I experience the world, my emotions, and even sex. My body and my mind feel so much more right for me, and this has improved my life in nearly every respect. It’s fixed whatever was missing for me, and for the first time, everything matters and I can actually find a reason to care about things. My life is worth living now. Without question, this has made me more complete as a person.
    I found this very moving. I feel like this is something a lot of people are disconnected from. Recently in my region there has been a lot of noise about the introduction and accommodation of GSAs in schools. The opposition keep saying “lifestyle choice” as if it is as simple as that. If only more people could understand, or even just consider it long enough to sink in.

    I learned a lot from your post. I am glad you have options available that have made such positive changes for you. Let me tell you I understand your desire to reduce the medical cocktails a bit! Bleah.

    Thank you for your enlightening writings.
    Best of luck with everything.

  19. 32

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  22. 35

    “my skin would become rougher and more oily,”

    Just for reference for anyone else reading, there isn’t solid evidence that testosterone reliably makes skin more oily in the general population.

    (I’m not saying it doesn’t do so for *you* — humans are different from one another, and perhaps for you there’s a direct connection. Given your transhumanist views, you’ve probably studied yourself pretty carefully.)

    It seems that the hormone interaction with the skin is quite complicated and poorly understood, and that excess estrogen *or* excess testosterone can cause either oily skin or dry skin, depending on the person’s pre-existing balance of other hormones.

    Anyway, best of luck. I hope that this goes well for you. Any sort of permanent, irreversible surgery is always a risk, and there are all kinds of obscure biochemical functions which are poorly understood. I will be interested if you report on any unexpected changes. Best of luck, Ms. Jones.

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  25. 39

    I just had my orchi done on Monday Sept 9th 2013. I had it done in Toronto but I live in Ottawa 4 hours by car. I wish more doctors did this but the doctor in toronto is known for doing trans women. My surgery was paid for by the government and through CAMH in Toronto.

    I was taking cyproterone t blockers also known as the chemical castration. So my t levels were already so low from that. Taking just my estrogen this morning and not that was a good feeling. I don’t feel any different just yet. Again just had it done so I’m sure things may change over the next little while.

    Like you this is the only gender surgery I am having. As far as I know right now. I don’t think having a vagina makes you a female. Nobody sees that part and at the end of the day you have to love your self before you can love someone else. And if meeting someone they should love you for who you are not what you have or can give them.

    I wish you well down the orchi road.

    1. 39.1

      Hai Lana..
      I’m Misya.. congratulation for your orchie. Btw i need to know how much the cost of orchiectomy surgery in Toronto? It’s important information for me, so hopefully you can reply my message. thank you.. 🙂

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  31. 46

    First.. as owner of the blog, might it be possible for you to remove the “spell” comments from this thread? They do not belong here (and as such, I’d guess if you can’t remove them, it irritates the hell out of you.. !!!)


    I had my bilateral orchie a month ago. The Dr indicated mine was “one of the most challenging I’ve done”, and that he “really earned my fee on this one!”. Had to laugh….

    The stitches began falling out as predicted at the 2 week mark. As well, there has been some ‘oozing’ from the site, which was also to be expected. The remains of whatever is in the scrotum is/are VERY firm. Dr. said it would take 4-6 months for the final results to be what they will be.

    I’d detested them virtually my entire life. This is likely the only surgery I will be able to have, but it has been incredibly fulfilling for me. Knowing for so long they should not be there, it is such a relief to be this much closer to my true self. I couldn’t agree more with all you wrote in your blog.

    Do keep us posted on when/how your procedure goes !

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  33. 50

    Hi thanks for posting this, I appreciate how hard it can be to talk about things of such personal nature. Found it really helpful as I’ve just emailed my GP asking about an Orchi. I’ve been on HRT for 4 years and at this stage I hate the feeling of them down there, being on HRT means they serve no purpose whatsoever. It’s turned into nothing more than an extra, useless appendage that makes me feel kinda gross.
    Fantasized about chopping them off myself for a long time, reached the stage where i’m looking up how to perform operation myself. Took that as the alarm bells going off and they really have to go.
    for me, it’s going to take 8 years minimum to get the cash for SRS and 20 years if i wait for funding and i doubt i could deal with them for that much longer.
    Can I ask how long the process took for you to get around to having it done?

  34. 51

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  35. 52

    What an inspiring message. At 40 I was on HRT for two years and had never felt better, although somewhat emotional at times. Then they had that scare about HRT and cancer, the psychiatrist died, and the doctor I had been seeing disappeared from the scene. End result, there was nobody to support me with continuing my goal and I came off the HRT. Now, 20 years later, I am determined to follow through, although still have difficulty finding supportive doctors in my rural community.

    I am now not worried about the SRS side of the change. But I do so desperately want to remove the testes and sac and remodel a bit, without the vagina. At this age, sex is of little importance to me; it’s more about being who I need to be. I am not even concerned about the male/female roles any more. I just want my body to reflect what my mind and heart so strongly feel.

    To those ends, when I find a doctor, I will request HRT followed by orchiectomy and sac removal. I would also like the penis moved lower so when it disappears as it does, it’s at the bottom, not the front.

    So, I wish you all the best, and hope to read more about your experiences.

    (P.S. Shame about the spell rubbish.)

  36. 53

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  39. 57

    Very well written overview Zinnia, thanks for taking the time and sharing. Just happened to come across the blog with a search for “post Orchiectomy”.

    I did the same research for the same reasons, and came to the same conclusion. Only difference was minor, pre-operation my endocrinologist did not feel anti-androgens were needed in the HRT, just high dosage of injected estrogen. It had worked fine, measured T was ultra low.

    In December, 2015, I visited Phoenix and thankfully had the operation. Simple, quick recovery…perfect. We’re monitoring my hormone levels, but have not changed the E injections from before. DR wants to make sure things are all stable before we do any minor change to lower the biweekly dose.

    Generally my DR does not think progesterone is needed, but she’s thinking about adding it in a few months to see if it changes anything.

    I’m really glad I had the Orchie…it works for me!
    Hugs, Glen

  40. 58

    I also want a orchiectomy. I have wanted to do this sence age 15. I am 54 now and for my mental health and peace of mind they must go. I feel if I do not find a doctor to help me I feel that I will cut them off. They cause me to masterbate all the time 12 or more times a day. If any one can help contact me

  41. 59

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  42. 60

    I had a bilateral scrotal orchi just over 5 weeks ago and have had no end of problems… I must state that I am trans (for nearly 30years on hormones) and I was hypogonadal with bilaterally undescended testes. I pleaded for the sane option of keyhole removal but the surgeon was determined that if I “wanted” the surgery at all, I was only going to get it done his way. I had the procedure done to eliminate repeat bouts of agonising orchitis (so not by choice in the fullest sense) and not to try to permanently “lock in” the benefits of the hormone treatments. I have no regrets at all about no longer having testes but the scrotal incision method of removal has led to hypersensitivity of my scrotal area that causes me to nearly jump out of my skin whenever that area comes into contact with anything (this includes water when bathing as well as my soft cotton underwear). I have also developed keloid scarring under the surface of the scar that makes sitting impossibly painful and I now have to either sit at the front of a chair or recline so my body weight (about 78kg) isn’t pressing down upon it. Due to the extreme nerve sensitivity, I have had to develop the walk of a saddlesore cowboy instead of the model runway walk prior to the procedure. I disagree that the amount of scrotal skin left behind after surgery is unimportant. That is generally used to create the centre labia (minora) in SRS and I have been left with virtually none as due to undescended testes, my scrotum never had “occupants” and was never required to be more than the covering of my underside and was flat and neat prior to surgery. In the event of me obtaining (or even seeking) SRS, my chances of being provided with the external aesthetics of a vagina without the necessity for painful and expensive (not to mention disfiguring) skin grafts is virtually nil. Please, if you are someone with undescended testes and your surgeon will not give you a keyhole orchi, run as far as you can to find someone who will. Lesson learned! I wish you all the very best outcome for you anyway.

  43. 61

    I also continue to have excruciating pain, have developed cysts along the inside of the scar tissue and have been taken off any decent standard of pain relief. Please just be aware that this is serious surgery and whatever they tell you the risks are, there are individual risks that they cannot guess at. It is irreversible if they mess it up and it is you who will be stuck with the consequences (for better or worse)… You could be left in pain that lasts decades or for life… My pain hasn’t reduced and I have been to my local hospital three times in the last week and undergone tests and examinations, there are no infections or inflammation present. Please beware before you proceed, it could destroy your life. I reiterate my best wishes for you all.

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