21 thoughts on “Fighting for Chelsea Manning

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    You did a superb job and succinctly made many very important points. Congratulations on being such an excellent spokeswoman. If this keeps up you will be one of the go to people for trans issues, no pressure there at all.

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    I’m a bit late, but just wanted to throw in my two cents. Thought you were awesome, solid presentation, no hesitation, valid points, all that.

    as to the actual show, and the guy you were talking to… wow, what an ass… that bit about ‘tax dollars’ was pretty offensive (and, even the U.S. military realizes that if you take someone into custody, you have a moral obligation to care for them, including medical care (because numerous people in the U.S. lack medical care shouldn’t be used as a reason to deny medical care to others, if anything, it should be a strong argument for basic medical care being a universal right, and not just a perk for the wealthy and well-connected)). And then all the deliberate misgendering, with the weak excuse of not using Chelsea since there is no official namechange – does CNN similarly vet every celebrity, musician, and artist as to what their actual legal name is, or just use what they are commonly referred by?

    I’m a cis-het-male, so I don’t really have a personal stake in this (aside from trying not to be a raging ass…), but I’m glad there are people like you speaking out for reason and equality, and just in general thinning out the overabundance of bullshit.

    Great job, congrats, and thanks for presenting the reasonable, compassionate, and humane side of things.

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    I’m glad that Chelsea has been able to come out and hope that it hasn’t been additionally painful to have to go through the trial identified as male. I can’t say that I really understand all that she did and was convicted of but I do wish her the best in the future.

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    That was fantastic. Thanks for your eloquence. The more we see people as articulate as you talking about trans issues so publicly, the sooner people like your interviewer will have to update their language, and the “you might pay for it!” bullshit will be seen as the atavism it is.

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    Great job countering the cis-sexism spewing from that reporter! CNN’s unprofessional and bigoted handling of Pvt Manning’s gender is yet another sign that they’re no longer a serious news agency.

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    Holy shit, that was awesome. You were fantastic. It’s so silly because while I’ve read since you came here, I’ve never commented, let alone met you, but I feel all fan girly right now.

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    Lauren, you are amazing. How you manage to keep your head from exploding sometimes, I will never know. For the way you retained your composure around that asshole, you deserve a medal or something.

    The newsreader’s behaviour is totally unacceptable. Deliberately refusing to call somebody by their own name is purely and simply an act of aggression; and the difference between calling Chelsea Manning “Bradley” or “he” and calling someone “four-eyes”, “fatty” or any number of names drawing attention to a particular aspect of their situation which may be uncomfortable to them is one of degree, not one of kind

    Just because a person is in prison, even if they are there because they actually did something wrong aot merely embarrassed someone with too much power and money, absolutely should not mean that they are not entitled to the same standard of healthcare as everyone else.

    Though I’d be willing to bet money that you could find a dozen people to come out and say on national television that diabetics in prison should not receive insulin, asthmatics in prison should not receive salbutamol, &c 🙁

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