Thought Catalog: Sorry About Your Boyfriend, You Transphobic Jerk

Dear Anonymous, I’m sorry about everything that happened with you and your boyfriend. Anyone would agree that his betrayal and history of lies were unacceptable. Your raw pain at the discovery of his deception is plain to see, and I know it can’t be easy to find out that the one you loved the most was abusing your trust and looking for others to fool around with.

I can especially relate to your despair at knowing that you wouldn’t ever be able to offer what he was covertly seeking elsewhere – that he wanted the kind of person you could never be. It’s not hard to imagine how crushing it was to realize that the fact of your partner’s desires made any compromise impossible here.

Except if you think that’s difficult, try being a woman with a dick.

‘Cause I do mean a literal dick, not just some lowlife who’s always looking for escorts when you’re out of town. That’s right, I’m “a transsexual” (as they say among your people), just like the trans women your boyfriend was downloading porn of and trying to meet for casual sex.

If you’d like to read the rest of this article, please continue to Sorry About Your Boyfriend, You Transphobic Jerk at Thought Catalog.

Thought Catalog: Sorry About Your Boyfriend, You Transphobic Jerk

6 thoughts on “Thought Catalog: Sorry About Your Boyfriend, You Transphobic Jerk

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    Am I the only person who thinks that her boyfriend was the most stupid internet user ever, and that for a guy who apparently builds Apps and is invested enough to get photoshop? I mean, come on, I clear my browser regularly, especially after I’ve been watching porn ’cause that ain’t nobody’s business.
    And yeah, what a jerk.

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    I agree with the commenter who gets the impression that if her boyfriend were looking at cis porn, there’d be no article. Once again, trans people are brought out as some sort of extra salacious sex object rather than regular folk.

    1. 2.1

      Sure reads that way to me.

      In other news, I don’t know how I missed the link to Zinnia’s longer article before, but I found it now and I’m off to read!

      1. Sure reads that way to me.

        She says it outright:

        Lots and lots of porn videos. I wasn’t particularly shocked, you’re a man after all …

        The problem isn’t that he is ‘lusting in his heart,’ it is who he is lusting after.

        As a (more or less) CIS male, I wish I could apologize for all the things my “kind” have done to trans people but I doubt it wouldl make a difference.

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