FtBCon trans panel of transness! Myths and Facts About Trans People

As part of Freethought Blogs’ online FtBCon conference this weekend, we’re hosting a live Google Hangouts discussion on “Myths and Facts About Trans People” this Sunday from 5 – 6 PM Central time. Our panelists include five trans women: Trinity Aodh of the Secular Woman advisory board, Autumn Nicole Bradley (Lydia Neon), Ellen Crouch, Amy Dentata, and me. We’ll be discussing the various misconceptions about trans people that have proliferated in the public consciousness, followed by questions from the audience. If you’d like to watch the live stream, just go to the Google+ event page. The entire panel will also be recorded and saved to YouTube afterward. We hope to see you there!

FtBCon trans panel of transness! Myths and Facts About Trans People
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4 thoughts on “FtBCon trans panel of transness! Myths and Facts About Trans People

      1. Thanks. I was wondering why I couldn’t see it. Shouldbe interesting though. Zinnia makes some good points, but she is a terrible, almost robotic orator. Maybe the spontinaity of an actuall conversation will make her seem less like somebody who should be chasing Patrick Troughton down a corridor whilst dressed in silver.

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