A hearty welcome to Tauriq Moosa!

As FTB continues its unstoppable spread across the internet, we’ve now acquired a fantastic new member: Tauriq Moosa! I find his areas of focus very interesting…

Tauriq Moosa writes on ethical matters in the news. He writes a regular blog at BigThink.com on so-called “taboo” issues, like incest, infanticide and cannibalism, examining whether evidence matches outrage. He has tutored bioethics and critical thinking.

…not only as someone with a very personal stake in un-tabooing certain widely stigmatized identities and activities, but also as someone who just plain loves picking apart conventional wisdom and traditional attitudes in ethics.

A hearty welcome to Tauriq Moosa!

5 thoughts on “A hearty welcome to Tauriq Moosa!

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    Skimmed a few articles. I assume he has some that aren’t just regurgitating conventional wisdom with a lot of “It’s complicated” padding, optionally including outlining some of the counterarguments “…but HEY LOOK A BIRD [conventional wisdom follows]”, right?

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    I’m happy to see Tauriq Moosa here! I’ve been reading him on Big Think for a while.

    That said, I’m more than a little afraid of an incomming cluster. Like every other argument from fear, however. I’ll hold off until it actually happens. (placeholder)

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