You made it happen!

Last year, when I asked my readers for assistance with the legal and medical expenses associated with transitioning, you all came through for me with a generosity beyond anything I had expected. And today, I’m happy to say that thanks to your kindness and support, one major obstacle is finally out of the way. Six months after taking my new name, it’s officially mine:

Name change order. Lauren.

As we stood at the counter waiting for copies, the young trans man who was there for the same reason beamed at me and asked: “Does it feel good?”

It does.

Thank you.

You made it happen!
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38 thoughts on “You made it happen!

  1. 9

    Well done Zinnia, or should I say Lauren? 🙂

    I am not trans, just a hetero-normative cis guy. But my beloved fiancee is a trans woman. For her changing name was a Big Freakn’ Deal. R doesn’t even want me to know her old name, I do, but I wouldn’t tell her that.

    While I comment infrequently, mainly when I have say and often I can not contribute to the conversation. Your and Natalie’s blogs are frequent points of discussion over our dinner table.

    We did the big reveal to my family this October. I can now empathize with every gay man that had to come out to family. Man, that was nerve wrackimg.

    You and Natalie blogging helped, like a lot. I thank you for.that.

    When I met R, I was in love. She is fairly awesome. I kind of learned about the trans thing on the back end. Never changed my opinion of R at all, and we are engaged, planning wedding in October. I think I may have read every post you and Natalie put up to try to understand. But I digress..

    You have both my sincere congratulatioms, and best wishes. I will be so bold as to extend those as from my fiancee, though she does not know it, she benefits much.

    With respect,

  2. dab

    Congratulations to you!

    Also, thanks to Todd for sharing his experience, very nice to hear from someone who found out their partner was trans and wasn’t affected, compared to some of the other stories we hear.

    1. 15.1

      @dab, well not unaffected, mayhaps nonplussed :). When R told me my first response was, ‘man, that must have been a scary thing to admit, you poor dear.’ It took a week before it really caought up with me.

  3. 32

    Congratulations! Reading this made me smile quite a lot. My little sister is named Lauren, and I associate the name with many, many positive feelings. I’m glad you made this happen!

  4. 36

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