Putting up a PayPal donation link

I’m setting up a PayPal donation button in the sidebar for anyone who feels like helping me with transition-related expenses. These include things like a legal change of name, as well as medical bills. We’ve found a local paralegal group to assist us with the complicated process of a name change – while changing your last name is a simple matter, changing your first name in our state involves a court hearing and a criminal background check, among other pricey hassles. The counselor and doctor I’ve been seeing charge us on a sliding scale, which has been nice, but they’re specialists and quite a drive away.

Heather and I both work very hard, but we don’t have a lot of expendable income at the end of the month. After feeding, housing, and clothing two young children as well, there’s not much left for transitioning, and so it often falls to the wayside. This has left us with about $700 in expenses that we’re struggling to cover.

I know that all of my fans have been extraordinarily supportive of my transition thus far. If you’d like to help me further in this, donating just the price of a movie ticket would significantly ease the burden. Once again, thank you so much for everything you’ve all done for me.

Putting up a PayPal donation link

2 thoughts on “Putting up a PayPal donation link

  1. 1

    Sorry to hear about your state’s name laws – in my jurisdiction, changing your name is quick and inexpensive.

    Would it be possible change your name in another state, or would that not work?

  2. Mym

    Background check. What. In Chicago you’re required to state whether you’ve been convicted of any crimes, but I don’t know if they check that. Filing and publication fees came out to a total of $480 for me. It’s worth looking into whether you can get a fee waiver (I made too much, as a grad student. ha)…

    There’s an organisation in Chicago that does free name change assistance for trans people, among other things (Transformative Justice and Law Project of Illinois, I love them) – might be worth looking into whether there’s anyone similar your way who’d help with the paperwork and whatnot.

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