“I want to bury this evil, and never have to talk about it again.”

The final swing of the scythe which cuts an already blighted society to the ground.”

None of them lasted past the third generation from the time that they embraced it.” “The devil is moving forward with energy and aggression.” “Something so feebly rooted, so fragilely constructed and imposed cannot last.”

Only more loneliness, desperation, and death.” “True love isn’t able to be found in those types of relationships.” “It’s the kind of sin that defiles the land.”

Absolutely nothing good to contribute to family life”. “What father would want his children exposed to this presence, this behavior?” “Beneath the dignity of human beings as free and rational creatures.”

“Trying to put a bullet in the head of one of the greatest traditions that has ever existed and has built our society”. “Enemies of the human body”. “Fundamentally dysfunctional on many levels”.

“Internationally the greatest threat“. “Choosing to perform immoral acts“. “Just like during the times of Hitler“.

They’re intolerant. They’re hateful. They’re vile. They’re spiteful.”


That’s what the religious right has to say about Jill and Nikki:

When it comes to abstract theological histrionics versus the human reality right before our eyes, this is how we’re winning.

“I want to bury this evil, and never have to talk about it again.”

22 thoughts on ““I want to bury this evil, and never have to talk about it again.”

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    that was just beautiful, just beautiful. Not everyone deals with it easily, but to get past prejudices and move on to happiness and understanding, its just beautiful.

  2. 2

    It’s baffling how ironic it is to read such vile vitriol from christards in the post and then watch such a beautiful video full of genuine human emotion. Too bad the irony is lost on the bitter and hateful zealots.

  3. F

    I haz vomit. Cannot read all linked information.

    The religious right created a commercial for Expedia about a father taking a trip to attend his daughter’s (gay) wedding?

  4. 6

    […] Zinnia Jones makes my brain hurt. You MUST watch the video she posted; it’ll make you feel so good and happy. Then you can read the comments from the Religious Right about it, if you want to be whipsawed into fearing a large chunk of humanity. Or if you’d rather just wallow in despair, skip the heart-warming video and go straight to the Commentator Accountability Project. Share this:PrintEmailDigg Posted in Bloggery « Christian zealots really can’t identify with anyone else You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed. […]

  5. 7

    And the xians have the hypocrisy to brag that they are the joyful and loving ones. They are oblivious to the real joy and love evidenced in the video. Having glaring contradictions demanding the respect to be called reality hitting them in the face every single day has to create some of the most messed up people in the history of people. And we see more than enough evidence of that every day in the kind of grotesque verbal violence above the vid link. It’s amazing what butterfly ripple effect a few dirt-ignorant simpletons 40 centuries ago can have if their ignorance gets pushed around a continent or three at sword point for a few following centuries. If only the Romans had looked Eastward sooner…Pastafarianism would have been sitting right there at the table.

  6. 8

    Love. Isn’t that what this should be about? I like the comment about the ripple effect. So true. Why do we have such a hard time letting go of ideologies that are centuries old? As the father of two beautiful children, I can only wish that they find this kind of happiness with whomever they choose. Life is too short.

  7. 9

    Beautiful video. It really is a choice for the parent–you can either decide to keep that person in your life as a happy responsible adult, or you can cut them out of your life and/or do your best to make them feel unloved and miserable.

    The only true vileness is within the person who wants and tries to make somebody else’s life more painful.

  8. 10

    I will never understand homophobes. How can anyone look at such a beautiful, heart-warming image of two people in love and then spout such hateful bigotry simply because they happen to share the same gender?

    Hitchens may have been wrong about a lot of things, but he was right on the money about one thing – religion really does poison everything.

  9. 14

    Hey y’all… Totally off-topic, but I don’t know of a better place to ask at the moment. My partner is on the ‘mones and it’s taking a REALLY long time for changes to happen. Meanwhile, he goes on trans forums and people are all like “Oh I passed in a month” and “my voice was like Barry White in two weeks and everybody loves my Jonathon Frakes beard.”

    So he feels like shit. Just wondering if anyone had a body that seemed pretty resistant to HRT and how they coped with it. Especially anyone who stuck with it and how that went.


  10. 15

    Christards. Hate. Love. What a fucking mind-bender. The idea of hating love – seriously, what is wrong with these fuckers? Or will knowing that send me over the precipice of madness?

  11. 16

    Watch the Christian-bashing. I’m Catholic. Many other Christians support gay rights and we should no more get tarred with the same brush as the bigots discussed in this post as Muslims with the Taliban. This kind of generalization will turn off many and prevent the coalition building and alliances needed for a successful progressive movement.

    1. 16.1

      Hi there,

      Christian Bashing? As in Gay bashing? You do know that the difference is that Gays, Lesbians, Bisexual and Trans* people actually get bashed, as in beaten, Right?

      And furthermore, the people who said those quotes above actually are Christian. They are being hypocrites. We are making note of this. The only thing that could remotely even be construed as “Christian bashing” is fireweaver’s use of christard.

      And to be honest, you seem to be more concerned here with the reputation of Christianity then with how GSRM folks are treated. How about actually calling out the bigots? And the reason Christianity appears to be bigotted is because the loudest and most frequently heard voices are biggotted. The only way to change that is to change their minds.

      And the Catholic Church actually does have an official stance on homosexuallity, I suggest you look it up. You might want to reconsider your association with them.

      One last point, I’m going to quote from derailing for dummies

      But I’m Not Like That – Stop Stereotyping!
      Personalizing anything the Marginalized Person may say is a great way of distracting attention from the issue at hand, forcing the Marginalized Person to soothe your wounded feelings or sense of indignation rather than concentrating on the argument they were making.
      Rather than simply listening to criticism of a group of Privileged People with respect and consideration for the Marginalized Person, you must immediately take offence and leap in to defend yourself.

      For example, when queer people are criticizing the tendencies of some straight people, jump in and say something like:

      “Not all of us are like that – you’re prejudiced against straight people! You’re judging straight people the same way that they judge you, and it’s hateful! We need to not categorize people and make assumptions about them based on their identity! I resent feeling like I’m part of a group that oppresses you!”

      – even though the criticism was very explicitly leveled at a specified behavior. (ie.:, “I don’t like straight people who do ________.”)

      But of course, this can work in many different situations where Privileged behavior is being deconstructed or criticized. Its resonance is in its lack of acknowledgement of the balance of power by suggesting that reasonable criticism of oppressive or discriminatory behavior is equivalent to the oppressive and discriminatory behavior itself. Remember that while the Marginalized Person’s criticism can never adversely affect your life in significant ways, you must rank the discrimination they face – which does significantly affect them – as equal to the discomfort of your wounded feelings, to demonstrate how highly you rank yourself and how lowly you rank them.

  12. 17

    Maybe I’m offtopic. Even with happy weddings, there is still some stuff left to discuss. You are supposed to ask the father for the hand of his daughter. At the wedding he gives her away and ownership is transferred.

  13. 18

    Funny you should use the term “bashing” when it’s not y’all who actually have to worry about being bashed. You think pointing out that churches tend to go along with actual, real murder is being “bashed”. Get some damn perspective. And nobody needs alliance and coalition with people who think we’re less than human.

  14. 19

    A touching video. I think that in most cases, religious parents confronted with this situation will choose their child over their religion. I just wish it wouldn’t take their own child coming out to them for the rational part of their brain to kick in on this topic.

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