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  1. Mym

    Also, what did coming out to your family actually entail? I’ve gotten the impression from other posts and twitter and whatnot that you were already generally presenting in a way typically read as female, and were at least out to your family as some flavour of genderqueer – I seem to have the impression from somewhere that you’d already worn a dress to a family thing at least once, though I can’t find a source and could be horribly wrong. What did they know before that’s different from what they know now?

  2. 11

    I’m not sure what this was supposed to put in context. Reading it as a bi and often gender-fluid woman who is not conventionally attractive (although I am white) it felt like I was looking at someone’s competitive side going “look I can do it better!” It might just be the tada! pose at the end. Maybe it’s also just odd timing coming on the tail of those last two discussions. This actually took away context for me. I also feel weird seeing this because the points brought up about being verbally made aware of someone else’s opinions of one’s looks and it feels to me like that’s what some of the point of this was, like it was proof of something. But again, that just might be because it feels like chapter 3 on attraction discussion.

  3. 12

    Zinnia!!! Congrats, way to do it! I’m 20+ years post op, but I’ve been a fan of yours for 3 months!

    I think you are great, very cool, seriously super-smart (aren’t most of us?), and I’ve been so amused and charmed by your transition, as shown above! I also love your sense of humor and sort of dead-pan, but mocking looks/expressions.

    You iconic lipstick has (partly) influenced me to go back to wearing some after 15 years or so!

    Cheers and Big Hugs,

  4. 15

    YAY ZINNIA! -balloons, kittens, confetti, cake and recreational drugs of choice- Milestones are awesome. I can’t claim nearly the same status, but I’m super super ecstatic because I went to Mac with a friend yesterday and bought foundation…only, when the person put it on me it felt more like SUPER MAGICAL AWESOME STUFF THAT DISAPPEARS ALL THE EVIL FACE STUBBLE =D =D =D

    Your hair in the 38 months picture looks eerily similar to how mine is now (though, probably a bit better styled). I even try to use that style sometimes, but I can never get it to stay ><;; I'm also having some trouble figuring out the right clothes, though I've found that I'm a bit more confusing when I wear an opened button shirt (I've also taken to wearing GQ pride flags on these shirts ^^; ) over one of my regular T-shirts. Any advice?

    On a more personal note, thank you so much for posting this. Seeing anti-narrative stories like yours makes me (and probably many others) way more confident and happy about myself. We need more of them.

  5. 18

    Add me to the list of people who want to know how the hell you get your hair to grow that fast without looking like a furze bush! Mine’s long but it splits terribly and so I end up having to cut the ends of quite regularly. *sigh*

    Congrats about the HRT, please do update us on how it’s going! All the best.

  6. 19

    Yes, yes, very nice. But I really like the “God is busy” t-shirt!

    Srsly, congratulations, and thanks to you and Natalie for raising this fiftysomething cis hetero male’s consciousness.

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