And they see nothing wrong with this?

Even for, this is a whole new kind of low. What I’ve always found most disturbing about that site is not merely that it exists, but that the wider “men’s rights” corner of the internet apparently sees no need to repudiate its content. This is a place that proudly hosts articles claiming that pointing out misogyny is the same as centuries of vicious racial hatred and abuse, and whose founder rants about “feminists, manginas, white knights and other agents of misandry” in their mission statement. He is also completely unable to refrain from calling women “whores” (just count ’em!).

And how does the men’s rights movement at large respond to this? Do they declare that this site does not represent their interests? That it’s simply too reprehensible to support? That it doesn’t deserve to be read and it doesn’t deserve to speak on their behalf? It would seem not. The site is almost always heavily upvoted on various MRA sections of Reddit, and it’s a challenge to find anyone aligned with “men’s rights” who denounces it for its ridiculous and extraordinarily offensive claims. Nowhere do we see an acknowledgement that perhaps this is not the voice that men need. It’s unsettling that so many of them seem to find this tolerable and not at all problematic.

And they see nothing wrong with this?

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    Not that I wish to defend them, but it is very telling that some ‘Father’s Rights’ groups, consisting of men who feel somewhat hardly done by in dealings with the Family Courts, definitely want no truck with the MRAs like the Pick-Up Artists, Men Going Their Own Way, or the ‘Mens’ Rights Movement’, given that those groups are not really devoted to men’s rights, but instead are centered about naked male supremacism and misogyny. AVfM is toxic masculinity in a nutshell.

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    It is said that any time a title consists of a yes-or-no question, the answer to that question is “No”. Sure would be nice if this particular yes-or-no title was an exception…

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      Well, it’s a new low as in a new pit of ick that they’ve dug, thought whether said pit is deeper than the “legalize rape” wallow is up for debate and likely irrelevant.

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    How much does this so called Men’s Right movement exist other than on the internet?

    Maybe it’s because I live in a big liberal city, but I have never come across any indication other than on the internet.

    Are they all basement dwelling internet tough guys, or what?

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    Its pretty bad, Have you guys heard about the latest rant from Rush? TYT did a segment on it, he claims that penis size has shrunk by 10% since the 60’s…..and that this is because of, you guessed it, the femmanazi’s

    It was actually a serious study that blamed air pollution, wieght gain – especially around the mid area and stress

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    I find the idea of misogynists being treated just as badly as black people were in the 1950s, and the word “misogyny” being just as loaded, ugly, hateful, and oppressive as the word “nigger”, utterly ridiculous. Not just ridiculous but downright stupid and disgusting.

    If feminists are racists than I’m Bull Conner.

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