Coming out again – again!

In keeping with my tendency to come out on the spur of the moment, I went on a whirlwind tour of coming out yesterday, because I recognized there was no reason to delay it further. By the end of the day, my sister, my parents, and my aunt and uncle were informed. (Once I got started, I just had to keep it going.) I explained to them what it means to be trans, what this entails, and what I plan to do about it. They were all very understanding and happy for me; I expect they were softened up by my two previous out-comings. My sister was not at all surprised, and seems to have taken this as a sign that we can finally go shopping for clothes – as if we couldn’t before!

I did feel bad that my family were among the last to find out, but they do keep up with my videos, so it clearly wasn’t too much of a shock. If anything, it was more of a confirmation than an announcement. This certainly isn’t something that came out of nowhere. Nothing has changed, and yet everything has. There’s no longer any doubt, any secrecy, any of the distance it placed between us. There’s just me – as it always should have been.

Coming out again – again!
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18 thoughts on “Coming out again – again!

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    If you want to come out 12 times (not that you have to, if you know what I mean) and it makes you feel good, then come out 12 times. It’s your life and however you choose to share it with family, friends, acquaintances, readers, viewers, followers, etc. is entirely up to you. That said, I’m glad your family is on board for your ride!

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    Congratulations ZJ! Taking up your sister’s offer of going clothes shopping sounds like an excellent notion. (Might I presume this puts the question of pronouns to rest, also?)

    Like Natasha I’ve been a fan for a long time and have found your videos to be personally inspiring. So this isn’t a surprise in the slightest, but it’s very welcome to hear that you’ve had enthusiastic acceptance from your family. Very well done!

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    I know you were mostly confirming, but I get that confirming means that no one can pretend or sort of hover over the issue anymore, and it takes some guts to cut through the ambiguity. I’m just glad that it went well for you, and I hope any other “coming out” stuff goes at least as smoothly.

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    I’m a little confused ZJ – doesn’t anyone in your family watch your You Tube channel or read your blogs?

    I mean, I’m not even a regular & I knew.

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    I misunderstood and thought you were out as trans, but being publicly queer is very different from feeling able to talk openly with your family about your identity. At least in my experience (coming out only once, as gay) the potential for shame and guilt emerges when it’s family and not otherwise. Not sure what the point was of saying all this, but echoing congratulations here.

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