And now I'm on the Godless Business podcast

So, I recently had the privilege of being invited onto the 50th episode of the Godless Business podcast with Andrew Skegg. The topics we covered during the hour include my personal religious history, Mormonism, being transgender, my YouTube fans and foes, Mike Huckabee and Chick-fil-A, anti-gay boycotts, the importance of gay pride parades, marriage in religion and civil law, the difference between marriage and civil unions, and the effect of the contraception mandate on employers. Have a listen if you’ve got the time!

And now I'm on the Godless Business podcast

7 thoughts on “And now I'm on the Godless Business podcast

      1. Yep, those ones. I just think it’s so wild that they are able to not see the complete and total contradiction in their thinking. And they’re everywhere!

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    So Zinnia, I haven’t listened to the podcast, but do you have a godless business or service? I might want to be a customer. I’ll listen tomorrow as I’ve been working all weekend and I am rather drunk now.

    Others mentioned marriage here. Last wedding I went to was two men getting married in a non-legally binding religious ceremony officiated by Christian Church DOC pastor. Very cool wedding. And one of the grooms was a pretty popular teacher at a suburban high school. Not very many people in the Houston area care that much, his job was safe even though he was quite out. Hell, we’ve elected a gay mayor twice. I voted for her reluctantly, but that was because she’s a little too conservative for my tastes.

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    Really nailed it on the subject of civil unions. It’s not like the anti-gay crowd hasn’t fought civil unions either. Maybe I’m being uncharitable, but I tend to see the acquiescence towards civil unions on their part as a ploy to maintain the social hierarchy, to privilege heterosexual relationships as more authentic in the face of the looming defeat on the gay marriage issue.

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