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13 thoughts on “Adorable co-existence of the day

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    The people at the mall selling sugar gliders swear up and down that if you have a cat they won’t eat them because they don’t smell like a rodent.. I still highly doubt that..and I’m not going to spend 400 dollars to find out…

    1. 2.1

      Pfft, by their reasoning, cats won’t eat birds or fish, either.

      I’m sure some cats could be trained not to hurt sugar gliders, but I know mine will pounce on anything “flying” so it would never work. Which is a shame, since sugar gliders are so damned cute.

      1. My cat goes nuts when a piece of Kleenex gets caught by the wind on my balcony, and tries to get through the glass window.

        She also tries to attack laser pointer dots on the floor, and reflections from shiny things on the wall.

        Sugar gliders? They’ll trigger attack mode.

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