Live show, come see us tonight!

Heather and I will be hosting a show on BlogTV tonight at 11 PM Eastern time. That’s in less than an hour! For those of you who haven’t used BlogTV before, it’s a live streaming cam show with a chatroom attached. We tend to discuss practically anything that comes up, with little structure or format. If this interests you, please come see us at It’ll be a great time!

Update: The show is now concluded. We had a fantastic time. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Live show, come see us tonight!
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2 thoughts on “Live show, come see us tonight!

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    I was terribly disappointed my connection didn’t work well enough for me to actually hear more than one syllable at a time, but I do hope you do this again soon, and that you and Heather have/had fun.

  2. 2

    Sorry I missed it. I’ve been too busy.

    Welcome to Zinnia. I’m so happy you’re here now as more people will benefit from your well reasoned arguments.

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