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21 thoughts on “And now, Christian conservative activist Peter LaBarbera will judge your boobs

  1. 4

    Pretty much the only nudity….

    This seems to be a disappointment shared by heterosexual monogamists everywhere. A recent op-ed in the local paper, by someone who was oh-so-careful to stress that she is straight and in a monogamous relationship, was bemoaning the fact that the pride events held didn’t feature enough of Teh Queers being all RADICAL and GAY and HAVING THE PUBLIC SEX and stuff. I dunno. SO sorry we didn’t perform properly for you.

      1. He’s fairly well known as “Porno Pete”. Box Turtle Bulletin call him that too. And they occasionally hand out an award in his name to someone who’s said something particularly outrageous.


  2. 5

    SkepticalMath – I’d love to read that – got a link?

    As for LaBarbera being disappointed – he is well known for being utterly obsessed with gay men being scantily dressed in public. He goes to every event he can that even *might* feature gay men in sexually suggestive clothing and/or sexual situations. He’s been known to watch and comment on gay men’s porn. He does this over and over despite how much he’s convinced that exposure to this stuff turns people gay and turns them against god.

    yet, somehow he’s not going musical theater, where it’s just as easy to meet gay men: but they’re fully dressed, often in tuxedos instead of leather. And he also utterly fails to spend much time on lesbian kink.

    So the fact that the naked folk weren’t manly enough for him, yeah, it totally smacks of disappointment.

  3. 6

    Petey’s disappointed. Now he’ll have to wait until September to get what he really wants–leather and shlong–at the Folsom Street Fair.

  4. 8

    He’d be severely disappointed at St Louis pride, then. All the trans boobs were really boobs, and they weren’t nude. There were, however, some fake boobs involved: big fake boob-shaped plastic costume. Maybe he gets off on that? 😀

  5. 10

    Aww, Peter, so sorry Teh Gheyz didn’t strut around with their belongings on display so you could pearl-clutch about The Children’s innocent eyes. I guess it’s not a real “Pride Parade” (note the scare quotes) if there aren’t ogle-worthy bods on display.

    1. 10.1

      That’s such a weird phrase to scare-quote. What’s the implication there? That it wasn’t a real parade? That the marchers weren’t really proud, just pretending to be?

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