My conversations with Bradley Manning

Due to intense public interest, New York magazine and The Guardian have elected to publish my conversations with Bradley Manning ahead of time. I’ll also be making them available for download. The only redactions that have been made are to remove the identifying information of certain individuals.

I’m releasing these logs because, thus far, all that we’ve heard from Bradley himself is in the form of incomplete conversations from Adrian Lamo. That was during an exceptional time in his life, and it doesn’t give the whole picture of who Bradley is. I knew him as an intelligent, motivated and ambitious soldier who was dedicated to doing the best for his country, and I believe his words reflect that.

Regardless of what we might think of his actions, I feel it’s important that we develop a more balanced understanding of Bradley and his personal views. It’s my hope that this will provide valuable insight into someone who has undoubtedly made history.

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My conversations with Bradley Manning
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8 thoughts on “My conversations with Bradley Manning

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    You’ve got to feel for this guy! He’s clearly very intelligent with an active lively mind and inadequate stimulation. It seems his greatest enemies were boredom and the lack of like minded people to talk to. ZJ considering you seem to have so much to say for yourself you didn’t seem very forthcoming with him, I can see why he might consider you to be an introvert, perhaps you are! I think you made the right decision to publish these transcripts as they show him in a good light, let’s just hope the right people read them!

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    He’s so articulate, and so are you. This may be a personal experience but EVERY transgendered (or genderqueer) individual I’ve had the pleasure of meeting are highly intelligent, almost savants. It seems they’re imbued with both male and female qualities; they’re able to approach almost all situations critically, mathematically and yet emotionally; I would love to have a transgendered physician. The transgendered people I know are employed in the higher fields of tech, aerospace, are ALL musically and artistically inclined and just plain driven. America’s transgendered citizens are just plain better, having the best qualities of both male and female; I’m jealous.

    I post this because I have read that Bradley may have or is currently questioning his sexual identity’ I’m glad to see that he’s reached out to you, almost like a confidant/role model. Is there anyway you can be appointed his “spiritual advisor’?

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    The much-lauded liberation of female “choice” — choice in sexual partners, reproductive choice, career choice, “lifestyle” choice, choice of social support services from the government — over the last generation is now a fixture of Western civilization.

    The moral force behind this female empowerment is the extent to which it represents returning to individual females their sovereignty.

    What about male individual sovereignty?

    Under natural law the ultimate power — the power that shapes the future — of female individual sovereignty is the choice of which genes make it into the next generation and that power is exercised through birth.

    Under natural law the ultimate power of male individual sovereignty is the choice of that which is to be killed in single combat.

    Civilization is founded on a meta-stable “deal” in which females give up their individual sovereignty to their mates and their mates give up their individual sovereignty to the State. If, in this scenario, you liberate only one sex, not only does civilization collapse, but until it does, the circumstances are unbearable to the sex not liberated.

    In Western civilization there is no going back to the age of females giving up their individual sovereignty to their mates, so Western civilization is ending and we are left with two choices:

    Figure out how to legitimize formal individual combat to the death between males, or adopt Islam.

    That’s a true dilemma.

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    Thank you truly for releasing these logs, they indeed show his pure personality. I hope Bradley Manning will eventually be recognized as a hero by the general public. Even though I have low hopes when it comes to the “intellectual majority”.

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