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10 thoughts on “What people are searching for

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    Knowing your gender is very important to some. It strikes me as curious that people would care so much. Is it because they want to understand what they’re attracted to? Do your words have more merit if they come from one gender or another? What bother’s them so that they obsess about the answer to this question?

    It’s curious. It’s also pretty funny. I’m glad to see you’ve made it to Google suggestion status.

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    I would guess the reason so many do not know, but care so much, is that they have had little interpersonal contact with the other gender. (I intentionally did not say “sex” as they probably have not had much contact with that either) As a guy, I can say that in my experience it is more likely the males who are concerned. If they find you attractive and then discover you are male, that would be a terrible shock to their ego. If a woman finds you attractive and then discovers you are a female, then “Oh, well.”

    If *you* are happy with yourself, then what does it matter what others think? BTW, congrats on reaching “Google suggestion status.”

    May the Tao bless you.

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    Zinnia, when I first saw one of your videos, it was a link from Pharyngula. I just assumed you were a male-to-female transsexual. You reminded me of many that I’ve known.

    In the English language, it’s hard to refer to someone without referencing their gender. Do I say “You’ve got to check out this guy’s video, he’s so awesome!” or “You’ve got to check out this girl’s video, she’s so awesome!”?

    But when I’m not sure which to use, it’s a problem. I wouldn’t want to get it wrong and cause offense.

    If I use the wrong pronoun, and I’m corrected, I have no problem with that either. But it’s a little bit awkward and uncomfortable to be in the position of not knowing which I’m supposed to use.

    It’s like the awkwardness of someone who asks me if I’m married, and then asks what my wife does for a living. Well, first off, he’s my husband.

    Everyone makes assumptions. Everyone uses context to fill in the gaps in their knowledge. Everyone gets nervous when they encounter something outside of their experience.

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      It cracks me up when people get all weirded out if they don’t know what gender a BABY even is. Hence the pink and blue clothes and even pink frilly headbands on the poor bald babies. And if you call their a girl a boy or vice versa, they’re all offended. Poor kids. Idiot parents.

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    Well I did think you were probably a woman at first, but I think men who can pull off a woman look are awesome. That really wasn’t a big concern though when I started watching your videos, I was just amazed and was thinking ‘wow, I’ve never heard anyone with such a great ability to sum up an idea or argument so perfectly and simply in such a short amount of time’, and I can honestly say you’re my favorite YouTube video blogger. It is kind of funny though that it bothers people that much that it’s actually in the Google search bar.

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    It is an interesting thing how insecure it makes a lot of people feel not to know for sure. When I first saw one of your vids I thought you looked definitely female, it was just your voice that made me wonder.
    What puzzles me most it doesn’t cross people’s minds just to check out your homepage or blog if they want to know. I imagine that most of the google hits are either people musing about it either way, making baseless assumptions, or trolls displaying ther insecurity by telling everyone how disgusted they are. Googling you doesn’t strike me as the most likely way to produce results.

    What I find more interesting than wether you’re biologically male or female is what would you like people to consider you to be? Would you prefer to be adressed as a female or are you fine with your mysteriously androgynous image? Or is that even an effect that you aimed for? You said further up in reply to a comment that either way of adressing you would be fine, but is that because you simply got used to it or did you never really care in the first place?

    Anyhow, keep up the good work. I greatly enjoy your vids and writing, looking forward to more 🙂

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    It’s not necessarily about insecurity. Personally I’m just curious as to what sexual organs you possess. Why, you might ask. Especially seeing as how it wouldn’t change my views towards you or the things you say or think nor would it decrease my respect for you. The simple answer is just that I’m curious. It frustrates me when there is something I do not have the answer to and so I try and find out said answer. I just like knowing the truth. It’s kind of why I like science and am an Atheist. Plus it’s really hard to tell whether you’re a pretty boy or an unusual girl. I’m leaning towards naturally a pretty boy who prefers to be identified as female.

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