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      I can’t stand intolerant douchebags. Hey, XenonFx, how about I trace YOUR IP address and report you to the FBI? Let’s see how tough you are when you end up as some dude’s bitch in federal prison. lmao

          1. It really isn’t. It’s also seems to be a gender specific form of “Justice” in the minds of those who think it may be. If a woman made a stupid death threat that is obviously impossible for her to fulfill, would it be okay to rape her? I think not. Rape is never justice and the only reason why people laugh at it in the context of men is that they view it as reducing their masculinity. Which is a sexist and childish way of looking at it.

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    I believe – at least according to Texas Law – that counts as a terroristic threat. Class A misdemeanor punishable up to 1 year in county jail and up to $4000 fine. I’m sure other states have similar laws. ZJ, I understand that you have grown a bit immune to some of this, but if you have any useful information on this person I’d seriously consider handing it over to law enforcement. Even if you don’t at this time, you never know who else can corroborate this. If this person is willing to threaten you this way, I’m sure you aren’t the first or the last and we can’t be sure that it won’t escalate to real action against you or some other person. I know you get regular threats like this, so if I was you I’d just find a regular way to forward things like this to law enforcement. Of course you have no real duty to do so, and you may never become the ultimate victim of this person’s violence but I think some people who do this are simply rehearsing for the day they finally decide to follow through. Lots of violent haters give off clues like this and you may be in a position to help identify them before they finally follow through. This isn’t a free speech thing at all. If they just say you’re going to hell that’s one thing, but if when they make specific violent threats like this, its an entirely different thing. I admire your bravery and would never ask you to stop; I only ask that you consider sharing threats like this with law enforcement. Even if you are never attacked, you may help prevent this person from hurting someone more immediately accessible to this hater.

  2. Deb

    Seconding reporting them. I know it’s time-consuming, especially if you do it for every person who threatens you. But these people need to learn that what they’re doing is not acceptable in modern society. Actions have consequences! Besides, I would hate to wake up and learn that you or someone else was killed by a creep who made death threats that went unreported…

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    I agree with the above two posters. People really need to learn and understand that they can’t just continually hide behind a computer screen and get away with hurting others, even just emotionally. They should learn there are consequences to their actions in real life and on the net. This is why I hate stuff like 4chan because stuff like that genuinely hurts people in real life.

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    I find it hilarious that people make claims of being able to trace IP addresses. My IP address, for example, shows that I’m hiding in a Hawaiian Forest Reserve, which I’m not. IP addresses are only good for a very broad location finding. To get a definite location, you take the IP address to the police, and subpoena the ISP.

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