Rosetta Stones Has an Exciting Future In Store!

Since leaving the now-defunct Scientific American Blogs Network, Rosetta Stones has settled happily into its sweet summer cottage. It’s been all about earthquakes lately: we’ve talked about the most recent Oaxaca quake, and checked on Puerto Rico’s still vigorous earthquake sequence. We’re going to be exploring the fault zone this sequence seems to be related to soon. It’s very groovy!

I know it looks like it, but I swear Rosetta Stones isn’t turning into Dana’s Earthquake Emporium. I’ve got a review of one of the best Mount St. Helens books of all time loaded up – you’ll see it this Thursday. I’m having a subterranean homesick blues spell courtesy of giving old photos new life in Adobe Photoshop Express, so we’ll be stopping by some of my favorite Arizona geological haunts. And I’ve got some very hawt books about Hawaii volcanoes to tell you about!

But summer doesn’t last forever, and the sweet summer cottage is only an ephemeral home. What happens when the season ends?

Now that the neighborhood at SciAm is no more, where will Rosetta Stones call home? (Insert optional wringing of hands here.)

This is where it gets actually exciting, my darlings. Late last month, after recieving my last payments from SciAm, I purchased not one but two domain names and signed up for web hosting. I bought a book on how to build my very own website. Later this summer, I’ll be breaking ground. And this fall, Rosetta Stones will be moving to its snazzy custom forever home.

Yeah, I’m pretty stoked!

I’m not 100% positive yet exactly which address I’ll use and what the place will look like. What we start with isn’t going to be the finished estate, either! It’ll be a single-blog home at the start, but I’m hoping that in not too many years, it’ll include an entire network of geobloggers. We’ll probably even have a forum, and maybe a thriving video channel. I’d love for there to be educational sections, and a playground for kids, and a store where you can pick up all sorts of earth science swag. There will probably be things I haven’t even dreamt of yet!

What I’m hoping it will never have is annoying ads. The occasional tasteful announcement of some event or item relevant to our interests, sure, but none of this invasive and annoying Adsense crap. To that end, I’ve set up many lots of ways for readers to help.

There’s so much potential here, and I think y’all are going to love it. Please do feel free to let me know if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see at the new site. I’m open to your wishlist!

Meanwhile, this blog will remain right here among its friends on The Orbit, where we’ll review all the books not directly related to the earth sciences, combat social injustice, and refuse to conform to terrible standards.

Are you excited? I’m excited!

Two dark gray kittens standing on a mossy granite boulder, looking up. Beside them text says This is gonna be good!

Mount St. Helens pre-eruption

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Rosetta Stones Has an Exciting Future In Store!