Dana’s Pandemic Holiday Shopping Guide

Ah, yes, it’s that time of year again, where the holidays bunch up like they’ve put off celebrating til the last minute and suddenly it’s time to give All The Gifts. Of course, this being 2020, and many of us being in America where the ostensible leader can’t see reality past his artificially inflated ego, this is a complicated holiday season. Many of us will be socially distancing still. Viruses don’t take holidays, even when we wish they would.

Thanks to eCommerce, though, we can still give our loved ones some nice little gifts if we don’t want to skip that part, many of which will help while away a long pandemic winter. Let’s explore!

Completely Contactless Gifts

In the age of ebooks, we can deliver a lovely gift without even requiring a delivery driver to get involved. And in the age of Audible, we can even provide books for folks who don’t do print. No device? No dilemma! eReaders are easy to operate and fairly inexpensive these days. And there are free apps for phones, tablets, and computers.

I’ve got you covered in the choosing-a-suitable-book department. Click this link to be transported to my geology book reviews, and this one for non-geo. Marvelous books await!

Nothing there that quite fits? No worries! Hop in the Wayback Machine for some Super-Gargantuan Book Guides. And if that still doesn’t net you the needed item, set yourself free in all of Amazon. (Every purchase you make from this link helps support this site.)

Nearly Contactless Gifts

You can get all sorts of neato stuff at my RedBubble store, from stickers to notebooks to clothing and more. Everything’s currently 20-60% off, so now is an excellent time to get fun stuff!

And if you need holiday cards, I’ve got some cute geology-themed ones on Zazzle.

There’s a few things to get you started!

I hope your holidays are safe and full of love, even if social distancing means having to hold them virtually. I know this season is going to be a difficult one. Do at least one wonderful thing for yourself, and if you’re not feeling particularly joyful or festive, don’t sweat it. It’s a pandemic year – we don’t gotta be merry and bright if we don’t wanna. Just getting through it is enough.

Dana’s Pandemic Holiday Shopping Guide