A Sad, Unexpected Use for Ye Olde Rock Hammer

Content note: pet death


This isn’t the way I expected to introduce you to Lillie Hammer Hamster. I’d hoped she’d be a part of this blog for a while, but alas, dwarf hamsters don’t live long, and her time with us came to an end this afternoon after just over two years together.

She was an extraordinary cutie, and we’ll miss her so much.

Image shows a small brown Winter White dwarf hamster eating a strawberry
Lillie loved strawberries. She loved peas more, but she’d eat pretty much any fresh fruit set in front of her.

I buried her behind our apartment, just off our patio. This is not a task I expected to use my rock hammer for, but when clay-rich glacial outwash is packed down tight by construction, well, the pick end of a rock hammer is exactly what is required to excavate an appropriate hole. I’ve never been more grateful for my Estwing!

I put our Lillie Hammer Hamster to rest with her favorite hutch and her loofahs, which she also loved (and sometimes turned into art when she wasn’t using them for blankets).

A view inside the hamster cage: a yellow and a red slice of loofah are in a corner, stacked together in an A shape; a blue loofah slice sits in front and to the side propped up like a decorative wagon wheel.
Lillie’s art installation
Lillie is visible only in little brown patches under a slice of yellow loofah
Bedtime for hamster

Teeny tiny hamsters don’t have enormous personalities, but she definitely had her adorable little quirks and foibles. She was a joy to have around.

Now she’ll be part of my patio garden. Right now, I’ve just got rocks over her grave, but I’m going to buy a big pot and plant some nice flowers in it, mostly to keep the squirrels out. For now, I’m using coffee.

The edge of our porch, with Lillie's fresh grave covered in granitic stones from the North Cascades. A line of plants in pots overlooks it. Our black and white cat Gabby is staring at Lillie's grave through the yellow snapdragon.
Gabby watching over Lillie’s grave, probably wondering WTAF the humans have been doing

Rest in peace, little Lils. You gave us much joy, and you’ll always be a part of our little family.

Lillie half-buried in white paper litter, asleep in the mouth of her little hamster igloo, on her side. There's a tiny nub of a tail, and lots of feet, and a darling nose, all smooshed up.
Lillie asleep in her hutch
A Sad, Unexpected Use for Ye Olde Rock Hammer