Fallout Fridays – Rude Awakening

“Good Morning, Mum!”

It is definitely way too early for this.

“I thought you might like to know your usual cup of coffee is waiting for you in Master Shawn’s room.”

Coffee. Yes. Coffee. How long has it even been since I had an actual cup of coffee?


For a moment when I opened my eyes, I thought it was all back to normal. Lying here, in his bed. Waking up in his house. Getting coffee from his robot. I actually smiled to myself. I actually thought for a moment Nate would walk back to bed from the shower and hold me in his arms like he always did before. I stumble across the hall into Shawn’s room for my coffee and realize it’s been meticulously reconstructed.

Find Shawn.

A reconstructed nursery, complete with crib, changing table, dresser, nursing chair, and toys.

“Codsworth, how much progress has the town made on my schematics?”

A deep voice answers instead, “We’re only a few key components away before we can make the last installation and fire it up, General.”

It’s Preston Garvey, the Minuteman. He tips his black hat toward me with pride.

“Stop calling me General. How is that possible,” I ask, “It’s only been a few hours.”

Codsworth rotates his eye stalks to look at Garvey, then back at me, “Actually mum, you’ve been asleep for nearly 96 hours. Master Valentine became concerned so he said he was going to find you a Doctor. A Doctor Amari, specifically.”

My heart is shooting fast and my head feels light. I get that heavy stone in my stomach that tells me something has already gone wrong.

“But that doesn’t make sense. I’ve had longer recoveries than this and Nick has never taken off before…”

Wait. What if they drugged me and did something to Nick? What if this sick cult they’ve created demands sacrifices or something?

I can reach my pistol in my bedroom in two steps. Turn around with one. Shoot on two. GO!

The Robot and Minuteman realize what I’m about to do two seconds too late. I’ve got my back to my bedroom corner with pistol drawn before they even make it down the hall.

“Wait! Please don’t shoot us, Mum! I have proof!”

Codsworth stands in front of Garvey, who has taken cover behind the doorway. He reaches into his holoplayer and slowly extends his metal hand to me, “Master Valentine said there was a…a possibility you might need reassurances.”

I slam the tape into my PipBoy and within a few moments I can hear…me? Why does my voice sound all deep and gravelly like that?

“Awfully nice place you got here. I bet it was something before the bombs fells. Picket fences, green grass, a cul-de-sac where everyone has 2.5 kids and a dog. Too bad none of you people knew how to appreciate what you had.”

“Shut the fuck up!”

No. Wait. That’s me.

“Are you a sad Momma Bear now? Sad about your dead husband and your lost kid? That’s the problem with families, they’re always vulnerable no matter how strong you are.”

“Shut the fuck up or I’ll kill you again!”

“Only way to do that, doll. And I don’t think you’ve got the guts.”

There’s some kind of scuffle in the recording and then a gunshot. Then I hear Nick.

“Goddammit, somebody get me a mechanic and get rid of this fucking gun!”

The tape clicks off.

That’s when I realize the gun in my hands is unusually light, and sure enough the clip has been emptied already.


Fallout Fridays – Rude Awakening

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