Smooth Transition

Hello everyone, I’m Dori Mooneyham and welcome to The Orbit!

I am thrilled to be surrounded by so many talented writers who are both personal friends as well as role models from afar. This is a great opportunity for so many of us godless do-gooders to do a little more good together, and I’m so excited to be a part of it!

A bit more about me. I’m a trans lesbian psych student who loves pop culture and getting worked up about her academic queer ponderings. I’m also the former host of Secular Shethinkers, a now defunct podcast that gave me a good excuse to drink and go on feminist rants once a week. I’ve also written a few things for other atheist blog sites. I get around, is what I’m implying.

But as some (or most) of you may be unfamiliar with my work, I thought it best to include a little list to give you an idea of what I’m all about over here at Trans and Godless.

If you want basic Trans 101 information, Try “Trans Women’s Studies: Required Reading” and go from there.

If you want to read about why trans women don’t experience male privilege, a subject of hot debate I’m not going to humor here because I’ve already written about it, then check out “Passing Privilege”.

For a bit of a dark piece on my experience of religion, there’s “Hate the Sin, Hate the Sinner”.

Want to read a scathing takedown of a terrible HuffPo article? Here’s “Stop Making Our Movement About Straight People”

What’s that? You hate contractions and love a good works cited page? Then why not check out “Beyond the Swagger”, an academic paper on lesbian expressions.

For sillier, more lighthearted pieces on popular media and queer culture, I recommend:

“The Etiquette of a Butch” – Speculations on etiquette and other matters for the gender-wibbly-wobbly, lady-loving-lady kind of gal around town.

“In Defense of Barbie” – Why I think Barbie takes too much flak from mainstream feminism.

“Kill Kellogg” – A fictionalized Mary Sue journal of my time in The Commonwealth of Fallout, which I try to publish on Fridays.

Hopefully, you can find something here to perk up your ears. And if not, then maybe the promise of an upcoming lesbian science-fiction erotica serial will be enough to bring you back.

There will also soon be a list of “The Rules” for basic commenting etiquette and not being a shitty person. Which is more of a housekeeping issue on my end than something for you to get excited about I guess. Probably should have ended on a more exciting note…


There, that’s better.

See you soon, I hope.

Smooth Transition

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