From Marriage Equality: Do us a favour?

Check out the video.

And then go here to send a message to any of your local TDs in the Constitutional Convention, to let them know that you support the right of all people in Ireland to marriage equality, regardless of gender or orientation.

And then share the video and get everyone you know to do the same. Because it’s about damn time all marriages were treated equally under the law here, don’t you think?


Ask a Mortician

So because I am cool like that, I decided to spend a good hour or so of the first day of my 30s embracing my inevitable demise by watching everything that Ask A Mortician has ever uploaded. Never have I found the whole grisly, putrid, ashen, exploding-casket business to be so adorable, funny, interesting and wonderfully human. Never have I contemplated the transcendence of vultures. Or at what time of day I would probably get cremated.
If you’re not of a particularly triggerable by death disposition? Check ‘er out. Sometimes she has a cat. Also, cheesy 80s theme tune!