Dear White People: Please Don’t Do This.

I’m just saying. Just in case you thought an appropriate response to a Liberian person talking about how to respond to ebola was to shout her down, dismiss everything she’s saying and then accuse her of not caring about her own country and family? Yeah, not actually a good idea. Ever.

Also not a good idea would be repeatedly using language that a person more affected by a thing has asked you not to use- referring to a massive continent as a single place, or to an epidemic as a plague. Or to take one person’s thoughtful, comprehensive analysis of a thing and shut down everything she has to say with an over-emotional story of two people, without actually giving any reason for why that justifies your point.

But, y’know, the main thing here would be not making a Liberian, Guinean and Sierra Leonian crisis all about making white British people feel better. FFS.

What an asshat.


Dear White People: Please Don’t Do This.

Right so. First of all, massive TW on that link for sexual coercion.

Also, though: what?! What kind of world do people live in where “maybe” and “I am a lesbian and you are a dude and I am not attracted to you in the least” are answers that lead a person to think that sexytimes with this person are happening? What kind of world is it where someone hears those answers and keeps initiating sex with the person? I am lucky. I am really, really lucky because I just don’t get it.

I just don’t get the mindset where sex is something you do at someone as opposed to with them. I don’t get the mindset where you are so disconnected from the other person that you can have sex with them even if you have no idea if they want to be there or not. I don’t understand it. I can’t understand wanting to have sex with a person who doesn’t really obviously want to be there.

I’m at a loss here. A disgusted loss.

Possibly the greatest spam I have ever seen.

There I was, taking a quick glance through my spam folder to see had any genuine comments gotten picked up before deleting it, and I came across this gem:

I just wanted to address something and that’s, your social security number is your slave number and your true identity. The government sees you as a mechanism of productivity for cheap human slave labor to serve the oligarchs. They try to mold you into a by-product of a commodity, to be? used for instrumentation throughout the process of their orchestration. So those set of accomplishments that you lived to get where your at, weren’t really of your own individual success.

I’ve got nothin’. Except that that is one of the greatest things I have ever read.

Possibly the greatest spam I have ever seen.