Sunshine, lollipops and linkspams everywhere

I spend a lot of time reading about Serious Bizniss. But, you know what? Right now my life has been far too full of Serious Bizness. It’s time to kick back with something a little more silly. Here’s some stuff that’s on my RSS that isn’t always super serious:

Dr Grumpy is a cranky neurologist who blogs about the ridiculous things that happen to a person when they’re a cranky neurologist. It turns out that that’s an awful lot of things.

My favourite ever advice column is Captain Awkward! As the Cap’n’s tagline goes: “Advice. Staircase Wit. Faux Pas. Movies.” Geeky, smart advice for all your most perplexing social situations.

Smart Ass Cripple has been ‘expressing pain through sarcasm since 2010’.  In case you haven’t noticed by now, I have a serious thing for snarky side of life. This guy appears to be composed entirely of pure snark gold. If ever there were an impending apocalypse that could only be averted through application of ALL THE SNARK, you now know who you gonna call.

Speaking of snark, you absolutely want to check out White Whine. Cause middle-class first world white people have problems too. Massive problems. Mostly, it seems, involving Starbucks? (Which is news to me and makes me worry that I’m missing out on some serious first-world whitepersoning. Then again, as a broke-ass first world white person, I have to make my own damn rooibos soy chai lattes. MY LIFE.)

Tasha at Voracious Eats is an awesome feminist who absolutely does talk about Serious Business. However, she also posts loads about delicious food and her adorable animals, and the places she goes to and people she sees.

Broccoli Morality is a somewhat serious post from the Pervocracy about how things don’t have to be un-fun to be good for you. I couldn’t resist!

It’s a pervasive message in our society, one that goes way beyond dinner: virtue is the opposite of pleasure. Sexual morality is the restriction of sexual pleasure; healthy living is uncomfortable; honest work is grueling; polite living is self-suppressing. If it feels good, it must be illegal, immoral, or fattening.

This is not only important because of morality and happiness. It’s also important because of broccoli. Delicious, crunchy broccoli which has for centuries been tortured, boiled into oblivion and tastelessness by uncountable millions of cookers. Won’t somebody please, please think of the steamers?

And here’s your Awesome Person (on video) Of The Week: the story of Jesus as you’ve (probably) never heard it before.

Hope you enjoyed! Where do you go for something a little more lighthearted online?

Sunshine, lollipops and linkspams everywhere